W.O.D. 5.3.12

Back Squat

Cash out:
Teams of three complete max prowler pushes in 7 minutes, one athlete works a time. Distance - 30 meters (outdoors-from the barricades to the "rectangle"). Weight 180#/275# (this does not include the weight of the prowler).

Community Notes:
Reminder tonight is OPEN gym from 5:30-7:30PM. This is FREE & open to all members to come in and do a WOD, Strength or Skill of your choice. There will be no evening kids class. ONLY the CrossFit Kids "Cubs" class will run at 3:45 PM. 

“Let the refining and improving of your own life keep you so busy that you have little time to criticize others.” 
-H. Jackson Brown Jr.


TP said...


Bob W 165
Wax 225
Cris 185
Roni 132.5
Pat P 275
King 205
Paul F 255
Chip 295PR
Heather 135
Lauren M 125PR

Very good strength session today, got some great depth and a solid mindset on what it takes to really push thru to a 5-rep. Also, it was a little slippery with the Prowler, but you all just got it done.

donkey said...

BAN! *big assed nooner! super fun class today! Nice work on the prowler afterwards...get low, find that center of gravity and push from your heels. I couldn't move that thing with 225 until i came down into it and put my body between the pipes.

Steph: 165
Olan: 235
Dorothy: 165
John C: 305 ROM
Kim C: 105
Joe L: 225 (Welcome to your first class, Joe!)
Alanna: 105
Kara: 83
Peter W: 215
Nick Z: 185
Brian: 195 (Vistor from NJ--welcome!)
Erika: 133
John Sch: 255
Jim C: 165

Megs said...

Is anyone else still feeling the Death by Pullups??

Mike P said...

My are a little torn up by death by PU . . . . today's festivities are not going to help the healing process . . .

not. one. little. bit.

Jeff said...

4:30 class:

Gabe 215
Chris S from NZ 245
Dawn 95
Megs 135
Lam 225
Mrs. Lam 110
Vinny G ROM
Travis 215
Bob 255
Luke 205
mike P 305
Kathleen 102.5
Stacy H 135
Sharon 135

Strong work everyone, several big PRs tonight! And good work on the prowler, strong effort right through the end!