W.O.D. 5.24.12

 Danny- That's pretty!!!!

4 Rounds (with full recovery between rounds)
3 Squat Cleans (135/225#)
200 Meter SPRINT

Community Notes:
We are celebrating Memorial day this weekend with 10AM ONLY classes on Saturday, Sunday and Monday. Be prepared to work hard and have fun! Friends and family are welcome.   

"Always be a first-rate version of yourself, instead of a second-rate version of somebody else."
-Judy Garland


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 Early Evening-ers


Paul S said...

I feel like the Rx's are getting heavier... I Like It.

Jason Lyons said...

This weight is designed to be HEAVY but managable. The WHOLE idea of a litvinos are supposed to be FAST and devastating. The weight should NOT be a weight that you have to reset for 5 minutes between. We are looking for a crushing weight to really get your PHO cranking and then you SPRINT like you are running away from a lion. It is not jogging. The sprinting is CRITICAL because you get FULL recovery. DO NOT use a weight that takes you many attempts to be successful but choose a weight that scares you AND is heavy for you. If done properly, you should not even want to start round 3 and 4, despite the full recovery.

Melanie said...

This WOD looks awful, and I like squat cleans.

Mike P said...

That was fun.

B said...

Maximum pause between reps and sprint transition? 20 sec? 40 sec?

Chris P. said...

0 seconds

Jason Lyons said...

As soon as you drop your 3rd clean, you must be SPRINTING. NO REST IS ALLOWED. ZERO SECONDS.

Nina said...

That was fun :) .. Never maxed my clean before so went in this one kinda clueless.. got the Rx and continued to see if I could Jerk it.. could.. added 10 lbs (145) to get on the board and got it :) I have witnesses ..

Mike P said...

This is why you are AWESOME Nina!!!!! Woot!!!

Unknown said...

that was a crazy super suck WOD...hammies are still burning...

GREAT JOB gettin on the board today, Nina!

Laura Pappas said...

Name T1/T2/T3/T4 weight
Bob 1:12/1:23/1:17/1:15 135#
Roni 1:11/1:03/1:04/1:00 75#
Cris :54/:59/:54/:52 135#
Mike P 1:13/1:14/1:05/1:05 185#
Jay E 1:34/4:10/2:10/1:43 Rx
Alexis 1:21/1:12/1:07/1:09 73#
Pat 1:06/1:18/1:16/1:16 155#
Alanna 1:35/1:18/1:22/1:18 45#
Rebecca 1:29/1:26/1:16/1:18 95#

Lam :51/:53/:58/1:04 135#
Mark C 1:15/1:15/1:10/1:07 145#
Kate K 1:36/1:32/1:23/1:23 95#
Nick 1:10/1:06/1:05/:56 155#
Bobby 1:36/1:15/1:24/1:30 135#
Nina 1:20/1:15/1:15/1:10 Rx

Great work by all this morning special call out to Alanna who really nailed the form on the cleans after a little work with PVC. To Nina for Rxing and without ever really trying 135 before, and also to Kate K for doing 95# uneven with a 25 and a 35 on a ladies bar -- check that the weights were put back in the right pile everyone!

Steph V. said...

Nina, I bet you have way more than 145 in you for what you can put overhead!!!

Nina said...

Steph, I did clean 155 kinda messily and was stuck in the awkward squat position for a couple seconds and it took a lot out of me, once i got past that stuck position. I got to the jerk and got like 5 inches above my head and failed.. I didn't try again since I was probably tired, but I am confident I will get it another time:) Thanks for the support!

Unknown said...
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Mark C said...

Nina, for what it's worth, (and the pros can correct me if a pause counts as "messy"), despite pausing briefly coming out of your squat, I didn't think your clean on the 155 was messy at all. You didn't drop at all when you paused, all your movement was up.

Nina said...

Lam, yes probably could have used that haha.
Mark, thanks, I guess it just felt messy since I felt so stuck, maybe cause it was heavy? ha, my knees felt like they were bukling in, but glad it didn't look as bad as it felt, thanks for the advice too :)

Nina said...


Kate K. said...

I apparently can't read in the mornings! No wonder I felt so lopsided! I figured my left side was just a lot weaker.

Jason Lyons said...

What are some feelings about this workout after completing it. I witnessed a bunch of people starting round two within 1 minute of round one. If this was you, I would urge you to go as fast as you can so that is not possible. If you did that and it was still possible, either I hope to see you on the team next year or use more weight. :)