21-15-9 reps for time of:
Barbell Thrusters (95)(65)

I have some fantastic things to blog about today! What an exciting class!!! #1 Let's start with Nicole, she has been training for her upcoming wedding with me since 7/15. She first met "Fran" on 7/30 at that point she barely made it through 21 reps at 45lbs, dropped to 40lbs and finished her "Fran" in 9:55. After many grueling personal training sessions and complaints about burpees, box jumps, hand stand PUs, burpees and more burpees...I think she saw some of her hard work pay off tonight. She crushed her 9:55 with a new PR of 5:36 done all at 45lbs...she attributed to the "protein pudding" she ate for lunch...but something tells me; its her dedication, hard work and CrossFit-ing that has made her stronger! Nicole, I expect to see some Thrusters in that wedding dress on 10/4! You make me so proud!

Story number #2...Orla, another success story...cut her "Fran" time from 8:00 minutes @ 40lb to 7:36 @ 45 lbs. Orla also has just come back from a little time off and I must say, that left arm is getting so much stronger! I hope you find yourself this weekend in the woods!! We are all cheering for you!

#3 Hannah, Doreen, and Tanya...congrats on the 65lbs rx'd Thrusters...your next goal is move off those assisted bands for PU's... very soon! Great strength and determination in finishing today you all rock!

#4 Sue, our first timer rocked it with 40lb Thrusters the whole way through!

#5 Paul, Jeff and James...fantastic on upping the weight and pushing it as far as you could! Very nice performance! And let's not forget Paul's virtual Fran in 2:38. click here to watch some virtual Fran's... and click here for the always inspiring 2:02 Fran from Josh Bridges.

and last but not least, story #6 We welcome our new friend John to CrossFit and we welcome him to Rx'd! He pushed through the workout with 95lb Thrusters and "assisted" pull ups. John questioned the use of kipping pull-ups. The advantage with Kipping in CrossFit lies in the Power output, you will get twice the power, intensity and benefit by using the "kip". Is the kip is NOT all we do in CrossFit we also add some variety with strict, weighted, L-Pull-ups and jumping Pull-ups...but Fran happens to be one of the WODs where you want that increased power output!

...and now a little bit about me...I only shaved 11 seconds off my Fran time today, I was disappointed. But I have been fighting a chest cold inhibiting my breathing, sprained ankle and open calluses (I know, no excuse...right? but I certainly have a few) Rx'd I came in at 7:44 vs my PR of 7:55 last time around. I think I'm going back to this one in a week or so to give it another go!

Times below- all w/ assisted bands for PU.
Orla 45-7:36
Nicole 45-5:36
Doreen rx'd-6:46
John rx'd-12:42
Tanya rx'd-7:30
Hannah rx'd-9:26
Paul 85/75-9:00
Jeff 75/65- 10:50
Sue 40-13:41
James 75-5:00

Jason rxd-no assisted PU 21:35

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