Am I out of shape?

Am I out of shape?
Is a question I often get from people just embarking on their first CrossFit experience or training session. Even for individuals in amazing shape, working outside of that aerobic training zone can make you discover physical limits you never knew were there. As most know, CrossFit consists of high intensity training with a different discipline and a focused mindset. A mindset far different than looking at yourself curl a dumbbell or max out the leg press machine!

What exactly are we doing and why do we benefit?
When you crossover from aerobic training to anaerobic training the body cannot effectively remove lactic acid from the working muscles quick enough. The benefit of training in this zone is that you can increase your body's ability to tolerate and deal with lactic acid for a longer period of time. During that time, the enzymes in your muscles responsible for anaerobic metabolism are increased. When the body works in that anaerobic zone when not used to the level of intensity, it drives question...Am I out of shape? NO, your body is not used to working anaerobically.

So, to all my Marathon runners who accomplish amazing physical feats every time they finish a long distance run; remember you are only working in one type of training when you run so by the extra CrossFit workouts you will all enhance your running performance and overall general physical performance. Doreen, Good Luck in Chicago in two weeks! And Dawn and Jill...you've got just under two more months until your big run! Good luck with 20 miles next weekend!

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Anonymous said...

Thanks Aimee. Running 18 miles is a breeze compared to your 30 minute trainer sessions. I enjoy our workouts and I feel myself getting stronger, more toned and its definitely helped my running.