Deadlift Push-up WOD at NPTI

More Acronyms...right? What's NPTI?
...well, that's where I go to school from Monday to Thursday-The National Personal Training Institute. Today we finished class early so a few of my fellow students said they would be willing to take on a little WOD CrossFit style...(WOD-Workout of the day).

15 Deadlifts 15 Push-Ups - 10 rounds for time

Myself, Holly, Steve and Dagmar gave it a whirl...click here to see what we attempted. Steve attempted rx'd at 135 made it 6 rounds. Dagmar at 70lbs finished all 10 rounds in about 25 minutes. Holly started with 60 and dropped to 30 finished 10 rounds in 11:30 and I scaled to 95lb deadlift and finished 10 rounds in 14:30. We had a blast...and even more fun watching Christian take on Fran 21-15-9 Barbell Thrusters/Pull-Ups rx'd at 95lbs in 6:47...and he did full pull-ups! No kipping! AMAZING!!!! Click here to see it done in 2:02!!! Something to work up to!

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