AMRAP in 30 Minutes...

Ladies, Ladies, Ladies...way to rock the Friday WOD! First I'd like to welcome Karen, Beth and Brenda to their first CrossFit session! After seeing Orla's fantastic progress on the squash court since training with me, Karen thought to give it a try...with or without her "runners"! (I'm pretty sure that's Aussie for sneakers...) Needless to say, everyone went into this one full blast and finished strong!
AMRAP in 30 minutes
12 Barbell Thrusters(45)
12 K-T-E
12 Walking Lunges
200M Sprint
12 Sit-Ups

Only complete rounds are counted below:
Karen 8
Orla 7
Beth 8
Brenda just shy of 7 rx'd
Aimee 7 rx'd
Nicole 5

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Big O said...

Nicole and I don't care about rx'd...we're just glad we got through it without crapping our pants....