CrossFit Baseball

As the summer season draws to an end, so does the American pastime, baseball...So, for our special Labor Day CrossFit Class we decided to have a little 'friendly' competition. Successfully rounding the bases scored one run. The team with the most complete runs in 30 Minutes wins! Simple...right?

1st Base=10 Push Ups
2nd Base=10 Squats
3rd Base=10 Burpees
Home= 10 Squat Jumps

Team 1- Mike, Lisa and Tim
Team 2- Jason, Jeff and Hanna

Before the start of the game, there was talk of stealing 3rd base...hummm.
Despite Team 1 needing to call in a pinch-hitter, Team 2 managed to squeak out the win by one base!

Nice Job all!

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