CrossFit Generation

When I'm not teaching, training or in school...I somehow find some time to work out myself. Tuesday and Thursday mornings I make a visit to CrossFit Generation in Hatboro where Barry Weidner, owner, captured this fantastic shot of me in action on the Rings, doing push-ups. Rings are part of the "Gymnastics" Modality in CrossFit and are a must for improving core strength and muscular stabilization. Gymnastic rings have been a favorite in physical culture for 100's of years. Think about the rings in the gymnastics portion of the Olympics...if you have ever touched the rings and attempted some exercise you will quickly know why those athletes are some of the most powerful (and powerful looking) athletes in the Games! Of course you don't have to be able to perfect the iron cross like a gymnast in order to incorporate them into your workouts. The rings can be incredibly valuable for a number of strength building exercises like push-ups, dips & muscle ups...Click here to check out some "Nasty Girls" on the rings!

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Big O said...

That's not a bad picture Aimee, but really, I think I prefer your snatch.