Athlete Spotlight - Shannon Rose

Help us Congratulate Shannon Rose in being our November Member Spotlight! She's all in from judging to competing, Daily Wods to Sunday lifting sessions, extra work before and after class and a ton of big smiles! If you've ever had the pleasure of taking class with Shannon she was most likely the nicest person in the room and the most polite person you've ever met, not to mention super strong! Get to know Shannon better and check out her Q&A below.

How long have you been at CF KOP?


I started coming to CF KOP in June of this year, so I have been here for a couple of months! 


You were a first time judge at Brawl in the Burbs, what did you enjoy most about that experience?


Brawl in the Burbs was such an amazing experience! It was my first time at a Crossfit Competition! My favorite part was just experiencing the Crossfit community in-person. Watching people go from being competitive when the clock is on to encouraging other teams in other divisions and congratulating other competitors for PR lifts or finishing a hard workout is inspiring and amazing.


You threw down at King and Queen, what was the highlight of that day for you? Additionally, do you think you'll compete again?


The highlight of King and Queen was definitely the complex ladder. I was able to PR my clean and jerk and lift a weight I never imagined trying on my own. It was so cool to have Danielle and Colette right alongside helping me out to make the last few lifts, especially the 145 lb. lift! That event was so much fun to just see what my body was capable of when I had no concept of what weight I was lifting and just moving up the ladder within the time domain. It was also super fun to watch the other women max out and hit the heavier lifts in the ladder and just watch everyone crush it on that workout.

I am competing again! I will be competing with Emma Neill in my first partner competition at the Girls on Girls competition this month! My favorite thing about competitions is just going into the day and seeing what I can accomplish. Since I am still relatively new to Crossfit, there are so many movements I am learning and so in a competition, I am able to test my body’s capabilities, and see what I am actually capable of doing. 


We noticed you are pretty darn strong, have you always been super strong or is this new to your list of accomplishments?


Wow!! Thank you so much! Ha I don’t know about super strong, but I think I have always had a natural strength since high school. However, since coming here and learning more of the technique behind the lifts, my strength has definitely increased across all the lifts, especially the clean. I am so thankful to all the coaches helping me learn so much, because it is so much fun to lift heavy!! I love that there is still so much to learn and improve on in each lift. 


What are some of your favorite things to do at CF KOP?


Some of my favorite things at CF KOP have been the in-house competitions, the atmosphere is electric and it is amazing watching someone PR. There is just something about trying a weight in a competition I would never dream of attempting on my own, but with the energy and the encouragement hitting the lift is one of the best feelings I have experienced since joining CF KOP. One of my favorite things to do daily at the gym is hang out with friends before and after the classes, struggle together during the workout, be completely tired and still do gymnastic skills afterward together. I am blown away and super grateful by the coaches who continue to help me work on pull-ups and handstand push-ups, especially while coaching their other classes while I try to get some practice in after my class. 


Anything else you want to share with our community? We're all ears!


Thank you to everyone for welcoming me into the CF KOP community over the last few months and making this place one of the highlights of my day everyday!

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