For time: 
200-m run 
40 box jumps (20/24 in) 
40 sit-ups 
200-m run 
30 box jumps 
30 sit-ups 
200-m run 
20 box jumps 
20 sit-ups 
200-m run 
10 box jumps 
10 sit-ups

“Everything will be okay in the end. If it isn’t okay, it isn’t the end.” —Paulo Coelho

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Danielle Gambone said...

Dan 15:06rx
Erika 15:16rx
Missy 15:29 step ups 17in
Alex 12:34 C2
Meg- 11:29rx
Jamie 14:07rx
Erin- 10:48rx
Erini 13:03Rx
Danielle 13:12rx
Danielle C 15:59 row 17in
Jesse 16:11rx
Pramit 17:00rx