For time: 
1,000 weighted box step-ups 
♀ 35-lb pack, 20-in box ♂ 45-lb pack, 20-in box 

Today’s memorial workout will test you physically and mentally. Treat this work like a hike. Reduce the load in order to keep moving through the 1,000 steps with minimal rest. 
Intermediate Option: 
For time: 1,000 weighted box step-ups ♀ 20-lb pack, 20-in box ♂ 30-lb pack, 20-in box 
Beginner Option: For time: 500 box step-ups ♀ 13-in box ♂ 17-in box

Honoring Chad Wilkinson and Supporting Veteran Mental Health On Oct. 29, 2018, Navy SEAL Chad Wilkinson took his own life. “He was my husband, he was my teammate, he was at home, he wasn’t on foreign soil, and it was my watch,” says Sara Wilkinson, Chad’s wife. “There’s a lot of shame and guilt and regret that comes to people and families who’ve lost someone to suicide. And I carry that, too.” During his many deployments across more than two decades of service, Chad suffered from several traumatic brain injuries, blast-wave injuries, and post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD). He is one of more than 30,000 active-duty personnel and veterans who have died by suicide in the post-9/11 era. “That’s an alarming statistic,” Sara says. Though she bears grief that will last a lifetime, Sara, a former CrossFit Seminar Staff Trainer, has chosen to honor her husband’s memory by sharing his story — and inviting others to show their support for service members by completing the Hero workout Chad, a workout inspired by Chad’s mountain-climbing training protocol. Chad 1,000 box step-ups for time Use a 20-inch box and 45-lb ruck. CrossFit athletes are invited to complete the workout in affiliates or at home and to register for Chad1000X, a fundraiser founded in Chad’s honor to raise awareness for suicide prevention. All proceeds support veteran mental-health initiatives through the Step Up Foundation. “The veteran suicide epidemic is huge,” Sara says, “and so if I could share his story and shed light onto the struggle that they face and do it over Veterans Day as a testimony to all of our men and women that are serving this country that might be struggling that ‘we stand with you’ and ‘we see you,’ then maybe it could do some good.” If you or someone you know is considering suicide, dial “988” for 24/7 free and confidential support and resources.

Make sure to CLICK HERE and check out the Go RUCK site @goruck so you can purchase a T-shirt or patch. 

You can also CLICK HERE to go to the Navy Seal Foundation Website and donate directly @navysealfoundation.org

 "The real road of compassion, that is, giving, helping, assistance and community service, is a road that can be set and declared as your life's purpose." -Byron Pulsifer


Ben Berry said...

Jamie 62:21 500 20in 400 17" 20#
Mark S. 37:02 525 20#
Larissa 49:28 BW
Jessica W. 46:55 750 BW
Tori 46:55 750 BW
Mike S. 38:03 500 10#
Kristi 45:00 7:04 BW
Brian S. 30:31 500 20#

Rich A 24:48 5oo 17" BW
Jerry 66:35 17" 25#
Mike Mit 82:00 17" 10#
McHugh 84:00 17" 25#

Shannie 58:33 BW
Sofia 64:13 100 with 10# 900 BW
Katie F 55:40 BW
Jess 50:11 BW

Taylor W said...

Danielle 68:01 1/2 with 14# vest
Greg 60:24 rx
Maverick 57:57 BW
Freaky 55:53 BW
Emma 61:42 BW
Erika 57:57 bw
Alex Tu 62:52 BW
Jeff 64:05 RX

Megs said...

Megs 59:34 17” 500 20#vest 509 bw