Bro- Down Throwdown

Ready to take your bromance to the next level? Get ready to grow that beard, rip off your sleeves, and pick your partner because we're about to have a Bro- down!

 Bro- down is a fitness throwdown featuring your favorite “bro- like” movements within CrossFit style WODs. The Bro- Down is a charity competition in which proceeds will go towards https://no-shave.org/ benefitting cancer research. The competition will feature three workouts and all will be performed as partners. Requiring equal parts lungs and strength, this competition will test the fittest males from around the Philadelphia area! There will be a prize for most money donated by your team (register here: https://no-shave.org/register ) as well as best beard/ facial hair as voted by some of our judges/ volunteers!

 The Bro- Down is split into two divisions – RX and Scaled. The RX division is appropriate for males with more than 1-2 years of CrossFit experience who are used to completing workouts ‘RX’d’ and who finish WODs in the top half of their local affiliate athlete pool. The Scaled division is appropriate for newer athletes that are used to scaling their workouts, or those with limited competitive experience.

 While we acknowledge that the split between RX and Scaled is not always clear, we have provided the following guidelines to help athletes calibrate themselves:

 RX Competitors:
 – Should perform most (90%+) of their affiliate workouts RX’d
 – Possible movements and standards include: 95lb+ thrusters and snatches for reps, 135#+ clean/clean and jerks for reps, 185lb+ Deadlifts for reps, 24″ box jumps, 20lb WallBalls to 10′ target, 70# kettlebell swings, kipping pullups (chin over bar AND chest to bar), toes-to-bar, handstand pushups, ring dips, and double-unders, pistols, and bar/ ring muscle- ups.

 Scaled Competitors:
 – Usually scale most (80%+) of the daily work- outs. – Should be able to handle weights that are within 70-80% of the RX standard for Men.
 – Possible movements and standards include: 65#+ thrusters or snatches for reps, 95#+ cleans/clean and jerks for reps, 135lb Deadlifts for reps, 24″ box jumps or step ups, 14lb WallBalls to 10′ target, 44# kb swings, kipping pullups, pushups, abmat situps, handstand holds, and double-unders (in lower volume) CASH PRIZES for top 3 RX teams! SWAG BAGS for top 3 Scaled teams!

 Prize for Best Beard/ Facial Hair

 Prize for most money raise for No Shave November

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