W.O.D. 5.10.17

Congrats to the athletes getting on the board for our benchmark "MARY"


Complete as many rounds in 20 minutes as you can of: 
5 Handstand Push-ups 
10 One legged squats, alternating 
15 Pull-ups

CLICK HERE to compare to (2.6.17)

Community Notes:

Please join us for "PROM" on Friday night (May 12th) at 7:00PM. This is a FREE event for all CrossFit KoP members, bring your friend or significant other or come solo!  We will dance, drink and socialize. Bring something to share (food or drink), dress is "vintage thrift" or whatever you choose and get ready to dance the night away!

Ambition is the path to success. Persistence is the vehicle you arrive in.
-Bill Bradley


Tim P said...


Kevin B 7+25 Rx
Theresa 11+22 Rx 1 round PR!
Mike S 5+27 (13" box, hspu kickups)
Mark Sp 6+18 (band/hspu box 16"/3abmats)
Brittany E 6+ scaled (green band, box/plole hspu)

Kevin Cy. 5+27 (ring rows/3abmats to 2 inches)
Katie M 6+17 (3abmats, 17"box)
Ellie H 4+15 (1 abmat)
Ben M 5 rounds (band pu, 2abmat)

Brian Du. 4+19 (band/box 17")
Anna 6+17 (17" box/band)
Kate K 5+23 (2abmats, pistol depth)
Alex L 6+... (scaled ouchie)
JP 6+10 Rx

CFKOP iPad said...

9:30 AM

Manisha S. 6,1 abmat,band
Edwin L. 10+4 Rx
Jackie H. 6+5,20# db
Miranda H. 6+9,20# db,band,5 pu,10 ring rows
Jesse L. 4,2 abmats
Ryan Alex 4+8,2 abmats
Mary H. 6+16,2 abmats,17" box
Kevin H. 9,2 abmats,17" box
Jill H. 6+3,1 abmat,band pr!
Brendan M. 3+9,2 abmats


CFKOP iPad said...

12:15 EXP

Mike S. 10+20,53# lunge
Dana D. 10+9 Rx
Pam G. 11+5 Rx
Tim H. 4+19,30# db,band,band
Meggan L. 5+19, 25# db,band
Panos B. 6+22,2 abmat,box
Nicole N. 6, 2 abmat


Jenna said...

Justin 12+22 (sit ups instead of pull up)
Brian r 7+18 (rr,push up, 20")
Javi =) but first kipping pull up!
Borden 5+23 (2ab,16")
Conn 7+27 (2ab,band)
Caitlyn 7+5 (push up, 16",band)
Mike c 7 (3ab, 17")

Dave 5+24 (2ab)
Julie r 9+5 (25,rr,squats)
Bryan s 7+12 (1ab, rom pistol) first rx hspu!!
Therese 6+23 (rr,20",20#)