2016 at CrossFit King of Prussia

2016 Programming Plan 

Last year as we entered into 2015 we evolved our programming to seek improved performance out of our athletes. We wanted them to improve in regards to increased strength, decreased times in benchmark workouts and increased proficiency in gymnastic skills. We laid out plan for the year and worked diligently towards this goal.

We succeeded, our athletes who consistently attended classes saw increases in performance, lifts and gymnastic skills, and therefore they increased their work capacity across broad time and modal domains, (the goal of CrossFit).

As we move into 2016, we will yet again be improving our programming to get the best results out of our athletes.  We want our athletes to be good at CrossFit and the ten general physical skills so that they have a general, physical, preparedness that enables them to do well at any sport or task life throws their way now, and long into the future.

With the goal of bringing more to the class hour while maintaining our constant pursuit of solid form and technique for all athletes, our programming will incorporate the following:

1. 12 NEW benchmark workouts, 4 lifts and 8 skill benchmarks programmed on a rotating 3 month cycle

2. Consistent retesting of benchmarks

3. The incorporation of a strength and MORE metcon into our one hour 1-2x per week

4. Gymnastics skill work 3 times per week with a focus on testing these skills

5. Partner/team workouts almost EVERY Saturday and a multitude of FREE Friends and Family Workouts.

If testing progress is not a part of your programming, there is no way to evaluate the success or failure of your programming.

This plan will continuously help us evaluate our progress over the next year. Together, the workouts will test an athlete’s capacity in all the CrossFit time domains, movements, and ten general physical skills.

We will use these workouts on a continuous basis to help us evaluate whether our programming is developing athletes in all areas, not just one or two, and to keep athletes focused on their continuous improvement and consistency at the gym.

Please note, these will NOT be the only workouts and lifts you will see programmed throughout the year but prove as our testing ground.

To take full advantage of the upcoming year it will be imperative that you log your workouts.

One of our dedicated athletes had the following success in 2015 based solely on the CrossFit King of Prussia programming and improved nutrition. "My clean went up 25 lbs, my jerk went up 20lbs, added a full round of Cindy, Front squat went up 20lbs, Fran time decreased by over 2 minutes, Grace time went down by about 30 seconds to be sub 3 minutes, and my Annie time dropped by over a minute. Holleyman time went from only being able to complete 18 rounds at 115 lbs in 26:00 to finishing the whole thing at 32:47 at 135 lbs."

Join us in 2016. Create a New You today!

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