King and Queen of Prussia 2015

Finally, the event that all of you have been waiting for!  The day has arrived and it is time to crown our newest King and Queen.  Our reigning King (Dan Faby) and Queen (Jess Calciano) will be defending their titles so the heat is on. This is by far, the most exciting event that is held each year and Jason, myself and the coaches could not be more excited. 

The King and Queen of Prussia will give many an opportunity to compete for the first time, it will give others a chance to see where they stack up, it will push all athletes to a new level, it will provide an atmosphere or camaraderie and friendship that defines what CrossFit King of Prussia is all about. 

If you are not competing, we strongly encourage you to stop by and cheer on your friends and support them during the day.  At the end of the event, we will celebrate in true CrossFit fashion with a "stink and drink" and catered lunch.  Please feel free to bring some pot-luck fare and drinks too! See you there!

Registration will begin on 7/18 at 8:15AM, announcements at 8:45AM and WOD kick off at 9:00AM…

WOD 1:  7 Minutes in Heaven

This will not resemble the 7 Minutes in Heaven you remember from your youth but it’s the best that we could do.

7 minutes of burpees jumping to a target 6 inches above your reach, score will be total reps accumulated.

WOD 2:  Ringing of the Bells

Clearly no one in “It’s a Wonderful Life” did CrossFit because every time this bell rings, an angel will fall from the skies in pain.  Each athlete will perform a descending ladder of American Kettlebell swings and anchored abmat sit-ups. 

Kettlebell Swings (55/35#)
Anchored Abmat Sit-ups

WODS 3 and 4: Pillars of the Kingdom

You will row trying to escape your faith but then the weight of the world will be on your shoulders.  After rowing 1000 meters, you will have 3 minutes to put as much weight over your head as possible and you get to pick your poison.  You will select one of the weights above…but we careful, once your decision has been made, there is no going back.  When your 3 minutes are up, you will get back on your rower and return wence you came.  This workout will count for two scores…total time and total weight put overhead

1000 meter row
3 minutes ground to overhead (185/125, 115/75, or 75/55)
1000 meter row

WOD 5:  A Crown of Thorns

Before the King and Queen are crowned, they will need to walk a perilous path through the Front Squat ladder.  Each athlete will go through 10 weights where they will clean the weight from the floor and proceed to do 2 front squats.  Athletes will have 20 seconds to perform both squats.  Athletes getting through the entire ladder will perform as many squats as possible in the final 20 seconds.  If an athlete knows that they will not perform the next weight, they can perform as many squats as they can at their final weight to determine a tie-breaker.  The weights are as follows:


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