W.O.D. 9.10.14

Back Squat:
1x8 @65% of your 1RM
1x8 @70% of your 1RM
1x6 @80% of your 1RM
1x6 @85% of your 1RM

build to a heavy triple

Record top weights for Back Squat and Deadlift

Community Notes:
ALL Weekend Classes on Saturday and Sunday will be held in the Annex, there will be NO preschool kids classes.  We are hosting a CrossFit Level 2 Seminar.

Happiness lies in the joy of achievement and the thrill of creative effort.
-Franklin D. Roosevelt


Unknown said...

In life there are moments of ease and moments of challenge. Many people perceive these moments of adversity to be failing moments. Instead look at these moments as building blocks. These are the moments where character is built.

Unknown said...


King 205/225
Jon P 185/275
Mike S 120/175
Kim G 90/145

Paul S said...

Jonathan 265/275
Nick Z. 215/300
Jill A 195/205
Fugo 85/115
Fran 65/135PR
Diane 265
Jackie 155/245
Keith 315/405
Aimee 178/250
Cate 187/250

Keith B said...


Dianne 110/193
Holly 85/100
Mark C 215/295
Pam 145/185
Taryn 130x5/205

Welcome to Holly! Third class and she cashed out with a Tabata Air-dyne!!!!

Unknown said...


Denise 135 x4/155
Mark 225 x4, 295
Anne 83/143
Melissa 153/213
Roman 175/255

Jill H 105/195
Shawna 105/155
Jason 255/335
Alejandra 75 (PR!!!)/123 (PR!!!)
Tim H 195 front squat/365
Tim M 285/315
Marci 100/170 PR!!!!

Aimee Lyons said...

Nice job Alejandra and Marci! The hard work is paying off!