Mike W.
 Mike P & Kim C
 Keith and John C
 Mark S.

AMRAP in 15 minutes of:
1 Pistol Right Leg, 1 Pistol Left Leg, 1 HandStand Push-up
2 Pistols Right Leg, 2 Pistols Left Leg, 2 HandStand Push-ups
3 Pistols Right Leg, 3 Pistols Left Leg, 3 HandStand Push-ups
....and so on until 15 minutes has elapsed.

Tips to help you set a deadlift PR by C. Plentus  

“We make a living by what we get, but we make a life by what we give.” 
-Sir Winston Churchill (1874-1965)

KT 7
Dan L 6
Mike P 8
John C 8(minus 1 rep) - paralette HSPU
Keith B 8(minus 1 rep) - paralette HSPU
JZ 9  
Jason 9
Paul 7
Tidmore 8
Tim Mcc 10 
Justin H 9
LP 8
Vin 8

Susie B/SB
Dianne 9 B/SB
Balmer 5 scale
Rebecca 8 B/KU
Gina 8 B/KU
Tom 9 B/ROMH
Brian 11 B.SB
Ellie 8 ROMP/SB
Becca 9 B
Drew 9 B/SB
Roni 8 B/ROMH(1abm)
Cris 9 B(mf)
Kim 8 B/SB
Chip 8 ROMP/SB
Mark B. 9 B/ROMH
Lauren 11 B/SB 
Kim C 7 Rds
Sharon 7 rds
Andrea 7 rds
Mark s 8
Diego 6 ROM
Paul F 8 Rds
Chris T 10 Rds
Kara 11 Rds
Amanda  10 Rds
Mike W 6 Rds
Sarah W 10 Rds
Johnathan 7 Rds
Stacy 8 ROMP/SB
Breanna 8 ROMP/ROMH
Alexis 8 ROMP/ROMH
Justin R 8 ROMP/SB
Calvin 9 Green/SB
Denise 8 MF/abmat+plate
Dan M 7 Blue/SB
Andrew 7 abmat/Blue
Conn 7 plate/abmat
Stasie 10 Box/green
Becky C 9 Box
Andrew 7 abmat/Blue
Conn 7 plate/abmat
Stasie 10 Box/green
Becky C 9 Box
Schaefer 8 ab
PH 9 (box SB)
Brian R 9 (box ab)
Gene 7 (ab 5#)
Patrick 10 (gr)
Ben 9 (SB 5#)
Megs 7 (SB)
Arin 8 (ROM, MF)


Anonymous said...

Pat P - ill be at the 4:30


stephanie v. said...

An exciting morning of Pistols and HSPU! Classes cashed out with a max effort 200m sprint followed immediately by a Max Hand Stand hold or Max Plank. KT broke the gym record (by 59s) with a time of 6 minutes on the plank hold (thinking you just have to hold a little longer to win, does wonders even if its a lie :-) And in the 7am class, Mark B may have beaten my own record of max equipment used to scale a WOD :-)

KT 7 rx 6:00Pl
Wax ROMP 0:30 Hs
Susie B/SB 1:30Pl
Dianne 9 B/SB
Balmer 5 scale
Rebecca 8 B/KU 1:08Hs
Gina 8 B/KU 0:14Hs
Tom 9 B/ROMH 0:21Hs
Lam 9 ROMP/ROMH 0:44 Hs
Brian 11 B.SB 0:41Pl
Ellie 8 ROMP/SB
Becca 9 B/Knee Pushups
Drew 9 B/SB 0:33Hs
Roni 8 B/ROMH(1abm) 2:27Pl
Cris 9 B(mf)
Kim 8 B/SB 0:40s Hs

Chip 8 ROMP/SB 1:29Pl
Mark B. 9 B/ROMH 1:05Pl
Lauren 11 B/SB 1:21pl

Scale key
B- Banded Pistol
SB- Stink Bug
ROMP- range of motion pistols (to a box or otherwise)
ROMH- range of motion hspu (to plates/abmats or otherwise)
KU- Handstand kick ups

stephanie v. said...


Wax 8 ROMP 0:30Hs
Susie 9 B/SB 1:30Pl

Kristin T. said...

Couldn't have gotten to that 6 min mark without my early AM cheering squad! thanks guys! Special shout out to Lam for never letting me know what time it was and when I asked him "how much longer?!", the response was always "ONE MORE MINUTE!" haha!

Kristin T. said...

Also - awesome progress today for the "handstand duo" - Gina and Rebecca - they were kicking up on the wall all morning long, no problem! ....and no extra "support mat" was needed! nice work ladies!

Nina said...

Kristin, Amazing plank hold!! Great job!!

Anonymous said...

John - Ill try to make the 4:30


Mark C said...

To avoid any potential embarrassment for Mark B., 7:30a was Mark C. My new motto: if you can't beat 'em, set up a lot of equipment around you as a distraction! :)

donkey still hating that damned captcha said...

LOL...nice work to the morning classes.

and Plentus, sheez! I'm barely out the door and you're taking over the deadlift king crown? Damn!

In all seriousness, folks, I just wanted to say thank you to all of you for being such a damned hard community to leave. One of the hardest choices I had to make in leaving the area was losing the day to day contact with this family. I know we will stay in touch, but I also know CF KOP is a special place and there is NO PLACE on earth like it. You're irreplaceable as individuals and as a group and I treasure the time we've had together.

To Aimee and Jason, thank you for taking me in as a member, trusting me as a coach, and making it an amazing journey the whole way through. This house you have built is wonderful, and I know how much of that is because of the people you are and what you value.

To the other coaches: I respect you all, and have learned so much from each of you. Each of you is incredibly talented and adds so much to the foundation created by Aimee and Jason. Thank you for being you.

To the community at large: It's been a true honor to coach all of you, and I thank you for that. You have taught me far more than I could have ever taught any of you, and I appreciate all those lessons. As my final salute to you, I commandeered the box playlist and added "DONKEYWOD: Destructofuckingmatic" playlist. Enjoy it and kick some ass.

Westside Crew: You guys stuck with me when we struggled to make the program into something, and now it's in steady rotation and growing. Thank you for going along with my grand experiment, and for you, the box playlist now also contains "DONKEYWOD: WU-TANG", for those special moments. Enjoy the sleds.

I'll still be in and out of the area for a few months or so, and hopefully I'll see your faces. If not, know I wish all of you nothing but the very, very best, and MASSIVE DEADLIFT PRs. You're in great hands, stay awesome.



Gina Spinelli said...

You rock KT! As always, KT for president!! :) Thank you for helping the "handstand duo" with your cues this morning. Felt good to finally get up on the wall in an actual handstand.

Gina Spinelli said...

You're just staright up awesome Donkey! Good luck and you will missed!!!

donkey said...

And to Mom and Dad: You get your own post! I really don't know how to thank you enough for your many kind words, pieces of advice, friendly smiling faces and ALL the things you do for the box. You guys are such a huge part of the place--I would be remiss not to say "thank you" specially to you guys, so it didn't get lost in the shuffle. You're wonderful.


Megs said...

Donkey - upon hearing your news I should have bought stock in Kleenex. I think we have all increased the quarterly earnings. What to stimulate economic growth.

I won't say goodbye but see ya later on the left coast!

Many hugs and kisses to you and B!

Rebecca said...

Thanks for all the help, encouragement, and cheers this morning, KT! It's so great to feel freedom from that support mat.

And INCREDIBLE job holding that everlong plank... I snuck out for breakfast while you were in that position and you didn't even know. :)

Aimee Lyons said...

nooners----big props to Mike P for taking the top spot on the plank board for 8:13...then Cate for crushing his soul and saying it shouldn't even be on the board. LOL!

Coxhead and Keith for getting full ROM on Paralette HSPU....this is something that games level athletes struggle with.

Andrea and Sharon gained confidence on the HS and Mark S for working on the kick up toe-touch!

great class all around....

and we have a new nickname... can you guess who's name is now "negative 3"?

Aimee Lyons said...

dirty 9:30...back to the regular crew!
Congrats to Jonathan on his first two HSPU's

Keith B said...


Stacy 8 ROMP/SB
Breanna 8 ROMP/ROMH
Alexis 8 ROMP/ROMH
Jason 9 Rx
Justin R 8 ROMP/SB
JZ 9 Rx

Awesome work today guys! Everyone did a great job of controlling themselves on the way not just flopping onto the boxes in the pistols.

Re: ROMP/ROMH see Steph's key for the 6/7am classes

Vinny said...

5:30 results - (counting full rounds only)

Calvin 9 Green/SB
Denise 8 MF/abmat+plate
Dan M 7 Blue/SB

6:30 results

Paul 7 Rx
Tidmore 8 Rx
Tim Mcc 10 Rx
Andrew 7 abmat/Blue
Conn 7 plate/abmat
Stasie 10 Box/green
Becky C 9 Box

Calvin, keep working on that kick up...you're almost there brother. Nice work on the 2:30 plank. Tim Mcc those pistols were some of the best that I've seen in this gym man...awesome job, uh....for your first time. Tim also topped it off with a 6:17 plank.

Stephanie Vincent said...

Sorry Marks for the confusion!!

Gina and Rebecca handstand kick ups are perfect examples of how scaling is an art. Today doing that scale was really what served them most as evolving athletes. We need to always be assessing where we are and what will be in our best interest each time we come into the gym. That choice sometimes require checking ego, its sometimes requires doing something different than everyone else, but it's what will make us better.