Hang Squat Snatch

on the minute for 7 minutes complete 3 hang squat snatches at 80% of your 1RM

Community Notes:
Happy Birthday to my Mom (aka GiGi), behind the scenes she makes this all possible. I thank you and I love you more than words can express. 

"If you find a path with no obstacles, it probably doesn't lead anywhere."
-Frank A. Clark

(Some may be HPS)
Shoe 155
Jerry Form
Calvin 150 form
Jim 152.5
Stasie 65
Arin 73
Heather 55 form
Erika 73
Tracy 70.5
Becca 60
Lam form
Rinat 115
Ryan 210 HPS
Bekah 80
Jason B form
Jackie 70
Stephanie 93


Cate said...

Happy birthday Gigi! Have a great day!
Cate (& Keira)

shoeless said...

Happy birthday Mom! You bring such a pleasant, uplifting feeling to the box. Thanks for everything you do for us.

Byrnsey said...

Eileen Happy B-day. You are the best!

Joy N said...

Happy Birthday, Gigi!

Paul S said...

Happy Birthday Gigi!

Chris P. said...

happy happy birthday Mom! you are a great caretaker of Chloe, Aimee, Jason, the box members, Level I trainers, and a lot of other people, but today I want you to take care of yourself! Happy birthday!

Melanie said...

Philly Cow Share peeps, we got all 8 shares sold! Here is a list of people:
Laura Pappas
Nicole Surrichio
Kim Gallagher
Joe Mulhern/Dan Mulhern
Sharon Chapman
Melanie Lemke/Alison Karoleski
Christopher Savage (Laura's co-worker)
Nicole Werner (Laura's co-worker)

Payment is due ASAP:
By Check:
• Make your check payable to Philadelphia CowShare and mail it to:
915 S. 47th Street Philadelphia, PA 19143

Include the name of the group (CrossFit KOP) in the memo section of the check.

By Credit Card (each person can use paypal to send their own payment):
• go to http://www.paypal.com/
• click on "Personal" tab at the top
• click on "Send Money" menu and "Send Money Online" menu item
• fill out the form on the right for "Send Money Now"
• send the payment to jessica@culinarycuts.com

Melanie said...

Is anyone else interested in SALMON?????? Please message me or add your name on the spreadsheet in Google Docs as soon as possible. King and Coho Salmon Share- Price per fish $175 (King); $45 (Coho). The window of opportunity is closing rapidly on this offer and will only be a ONE TIME OFFER until next years salmon run. Don't miss out!