W.O.D. 4.3.12

"It's benchmark time...these "named" workouts never change, they are on the board and should be recorded. These are good WOD's to "benchmark" and compare to your past performances to see improvements.

3 Rounds
400Meter Run
21 Kettlebell Swings
12 Pull-ups

compare to (9.02.11)

Cargo Net Climb
Flying Pull-up
Monkey Bars

Community Notes:
Don't forget to sign up for the CSA from Lancaster Farm Fresh.

"All compromise is based on give and take, but there can be no give and take on fundamentals. Any compromise on mere fundamentals is a surrender. For it is all give and no take."
Mahatma Gandhi


Anonymous said...

Is a scale up to "Hell-en" allowed?

Sooki said...

I tried to sign up but can't get it to use my info or create another account. Jas, I tried. Donkey, I'll hopefully see you at 4.30. Ciao

Steph v. said...

KT 10:00 RX
Paul F. 12:58 44/Blk
Lam 14:57 RX
Becca 17:22 ROM
Bob 13:40 Blk
King 11:51 ROM
NicOle 15:14 RX
Rebecca 12:38 Red
Jay 15:10 RX

Cate said...


Jonathan 12:42 35/green
Roni 13:47 35/mf
Alexis 15:31 25/mf
Gina 11:52 35/ green
Kim C 15:22 35/mf
John C 9:47 rx
Susan 15:18 35/mf
Barb 16:15 25/mf
Meg B 11:45 rx
Mike W 17:51 45
Cate 10:04 rx

Mike P said...

I HEART this!

aaaaaaaaand, what Gabe said on the scale up.

donkey said...


Melissa: 18:03 Band/26
Olan: 11:56 Rx
Brynsie: 10:43 Rx
Patrick: 11:28 Rx
Drew: 17:44 Rx!
Alanna: 21:52 Band/18
Sharon: 23:19 Rx

Congrats to Alanna and Drew for their first time up the cargo net!

Cate said...

I forgot to mention congrats to Kim C for going up AND OVER the cargo net!!!!! (are you crazy?!?!). :-)

donkey said...


Megs 11:20 Rx
Kate K: 14:05 Rx
Jamie: 17:29 55/Green
JZ: 10:56 Rx
Travis: 12:34 Rx
Dang: 15:56 MF
Paul NC: 9:26 Rx
John S: 12:17 Rx
KSB: 17:40 Rx
Rachael: 14:54 ROM
Steph V: 16:15 Green Band
Kelly: 13:38 band/26
Mrs Peterbutt: 15:05 18/Green
Lisa C: 17:46 band/row

melanie said...


Tall Dan L: 12:05 Rx
Matt O: 15:25 Rx
Jim C: 15:32 45#
Patti: 16:07 18/Band
Ryan: 16:30 44/Band
Danny 10:48 Rx
Rachel 15:16 band
Sarah: 16:33 26/JPU
Vinny: 9:14 Rx
Joe P: 15:23 Rx
Justin 12:44 Rx
Faby: 9:58 Rx
Gabe: 12:43 Rx

melanie said...


Randy 17:17 band
Dan F: 14:30 2 rounds, row
Mike P: 9:33 Rx
Matt G: 16:30 Rx
Jeremy 17:45 band
Jess C: 14:32 Rx
Jen Ten: 13:25 18/band
Jen Sch: 13:26 band
Robin: 15:18 26/JPU
Kate F: 16:25 26/band
Shoeless 11:47 Rx
Faby Two-fer Tuesday: 9:26 (faster the second time)
Heather: 13:06 band
Miranda: 17:10 44/band Dead hang
Sam B: 8:26 Rx
Josh: 12:54 Rx

melanie! said...


Leslie: 15:35 row/JPU
Ernie: 13:36 Rx
Derreck: 14:17 JPU
Diego: 15:07 Rx
Darlene: 17:48 row
Libby: 20:31 13/Row
Brittany: 15:54 18/band
Christina: 16:47 18/band
Linda: 14:35 JPU