A message from your "Cow-ordinator"!

Grilling Season is upon us!

1. FYI that our next cow is scheduled for delivery on 4.18.12, likely between 10-12PM. A more specific time slot will be given when we know it. Donkey will be there to manage the delivery, so please make arrangements with her for pick up if you are not planning to attend the nooner class that day. The cow will arrive frozen solid, and if you prefer to leave a cooler there with your name on it, she will put things into the cooler for you until you can get there. If you cannot arrive until much later in the day, definitely work with Donkey on options.

2. 6 of 8 shares of our next cow have sold, leaving 2 shares. This cow will be delivered on 6.20.12, with money due to Donkey on 5.26.12 (you can once again leave it in the envelope at the box or pay via paypal if you prefer--just make sure you indicate it's for KOP). This is the last cow that will maintain our current tier of pricing with Philly CowShare. After this, prices will definitely go up, although we have not yet received a new price list from them.

3. After the 6.20 cow, we have two more that will be delivered directly to KOP for the year: 8.22 (just in time for Labor Day) and 10.24 (just in time for Halloween? snow season?? ha ha!)

Link to sign-up document:
Click here to link to the sign-up document.


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