W.O.D. 5.22.11

Lindsey 103# Thruster x2
Nicole G. 80# Thruster x2



Thrusters (at 60% of your 2RM)
Box Jumps (20/21"-24/25")

Community Notes:

We are having our Kids class tomorrow at 11AM and FREE Yoga with Tori at 12:00PM.

"To conquer fear is the beginning of wisdom."
- Bertrand Russell

Howard: 155 (4:42 w/ 95# 24")
Joe G: 35 (5:00 w/ 15# 13")
Kim G: 70 (6:16 w/ 45# 20")
Lindsey: 103 (4:45 w/ 63# 20")
Rachael: 75 (4:49 w/ 45# 21")
Laura: 98 (3:37 w/ 65# 21")
Jess S: 77 (4:49 w/ 45# 20")
Nicole G: 80 (4:44 w/ 45# 17")
Karen: 105 (3:57 w/ 65# 20")
Kate: 105 (3:23 w/ 65# 24")
Danielle Sig: 105 (5:12 w/ 63# 21")


Jen Naspinski said...

14MAY marked my one year anniversary of starting crossfit. I am excited to share my progress with you - this is what I've been able to accomplish:
Lost 9lbs, but more importantly...
lost 4" off my waist
3" off my hips
0.5" off my calves
2" off my thighs
1.5" off my upper arm.

Other notable accomplishments -
went from squatting to 13" box to full squats
no situps to butterfly situps
moved up two bands on pullups
couldn't run the whole 400m to able to run multiple 400m
13" box jumps to 17" box jumps
65# deadlift to 195# deadlift
no HSPU to atleast being able to do handstands
scale 6' wall

Thanks to everyone at the box who have encouraged me the past year, esp Nikki and P. Lentus who have given me great tips and feedback on my progress and most importantly, Michele, for introducing me to crossfit. I love the community that Aimee and Jason have created and look forward to being a member for a long time. You guys have changed my life and made it so much better!

Melanie said...

Yeah J. Na!!! Congratulations on your 1-year mark and all of your tremendous progress!!! I am so glad I have gotten to know you!

Kristin T. said...

so proud of you Jen N.! you go girl!!

Peterson said...

Woohoo! Keep kicking ass!

TomH said...

Jen congrats!

steph v said...

thanks for sharing that J.Na!!!! it reminds us all about why we do this crazy thing called crossfit!!

Aimee Lyons said...

J-Na!!! love the progress and the fact you have tracked all the data!

Kudos to the 9AM/10AM Sunday classes! It was great helping you get to new PR's and being able to coach some new faces!

Anonymous said...

What's the upcoming holiday weekend schedule? Are you running Trevor?

Chris P. said...

boomshakalaka Jen N.! can't wait to see what next year brings

Aimee Lyons said...

ANONYMOUS- stay posted for detail on the weekend, we will be running some Hero WoDs!

Unknown said...

My time today was 3:43, not 3:23. Thanks!

Congrats Jen, that is awesome!

Nikki said...

Jen - congrats on all your accomplishments! You have become so strong this past year. It's been great watching you grow and improve! Thanks for the shout out - I'm really happy I got to play a part in your success. But always remember you are the one who did the hard work!! Giving tips and feedback is easy -- taking that advice and incorporating it to become a stronger, faster, fitter person was all you!