W.O.D. 5.26.11

Lindsey & the ladies on Push-ups!

Jeff Hi.

Hermione-born to CrossFit

2 Rounds for total reps:

In 4 minutes
Run 400M
then in the remaining time complete Max rep Deadlifts 155/225#

rest one minute

In 4 minutes
Run 400M
then in the remaining time complete Max rep Push-ups

rest one minute

"Nobody trips over mountains. It is the small pebble that causes you to stumble. Pass all the pebbles in your path and you will find you have crossed the mountain."
~Author Unknown

Joe A 25/35, 8/26 Total 80
Cline 21/27, 16/20 =84
Nina 32/36, 24/30 =122
Jen S. 25/28, 12/21=86

Megs 10/29, 12/29 =80 (135/115)
Dianne 17/10, 5/15 =47 (115)
Bonnie -/10, 17/14=41 (65/85)
Sargent 27/31, 18/26= 102 (115)
Jeff Hi - 15/38, 10/30 = 93 (185)
Lindsey - 23/32, 12/26 = 93 (125)
Steph J - 16/16, 11/11 = 54 (35)
Keith B. 28/10, ouchie = 38 (155)
Chris T. 12/28, 10/24 = 79 (105)
Kara 23/24, 12/20 = 79 (115)
Sharon 22/18, 9/16 = 65 (95)


Jen S. said...


Chris P. said...

don't know if people saw this from last comments, but figured some would be interested since it's new:


I'm curious to see what other "wod" sites pop up. If you go to Greg Everett's site (catalyst athletics) he posts an Oly lifting wod. CF Endurance, CF Football...how about CF Soccer, CF Baseball, CF Curling...

Jeff said...

Two of the guys from the Morristown CF box are starting wrestlingwod.com for CF workouts targeted at wrestlers. It's just starting up, but who knows where this will go? Should be very interesting to see how people adapt the CF workouts and thinking to a variety of sports.

Jason Lyons said...

At a 101, Greg said that he really does not like the idea of all of these different specialties. It almost seemed like he regretted CF Football. He was specifically asked if there would be a CF Soccer and others and he said no. Interesting how wrestlingwod or whatever does not have CF in it. CF should copyright WOD if it has not down so already so if all of these sites chose to break away from the group that made them, they would not be able to use the terminology.

TP said...

7am Rizzults

Scores are round 1, then round 2, then Total Reps

Joe A 25/35, 8/26 Total 80
Cline 21/27, 16/20 =84
Nina 32/36, 24/30 =122

Megs 10/29, 12/29 =80 (135/115)
Dianne 17/10, 5/15 =47 (115)
Bonnie -/10, 17/14=41 (65/85)

Chris P. said...

interesting since they used to have CF football linked on mainsite...my guess is that is has more to do with John Welbourne being best friends with Robb Wolf

Cline said...

After Nina's wildlife adventure, I hereby nominate this to be her theme song:


Also, Joe's total was 94.

Melanie said...

CrossFit football??? What is that? CrossFit is CrossFit and believe there should be no other specialized sport associated with the name since it is supposed to train you for any type of situation or activity. What do they do differently? CrossFit enhances one's athletic ability no matter what sport they play outside of CrossFit. Why have something so specialized? To me, it defeats the purpose. Just sayin'....

Jason Lyons said...

WHOA! Don't get Mel fired up!

CF Football was started by John Welbourne, a former NFL player. He was showcased on that CF DVD that came out 2-3 years ago and they talked about his path to the Games and how he got crushed there.

CF Football does a lot with VERY heavy weights and I think is focused on explosivity as that is what is hugely important in coming off of the line in football.

Kalsu, Danny's favorite workout is a CF Football workout

On the minute, 5 burpees and in the remaining part of the minute, 135 pound thrusters. Your goal is to get to 100 thrusters.

Danny stopped at 50 when he first did it and I only know two people that have even finished it. Pretty hard core stuff.

Nina said...

Haha nice..Thanks Cline

Melanie said...

I remember watching Danny attempt that. I guess it's just taking it to another level though, not really CrossFit Football. You need to be explosive in many of the CrossFit movements so it still is no different to me. I could see a WOD like that being programmed in what used to be our Level II classes that were offered where everyone RX's and probably heavier weights were used. No reason why someone who plays football couldn't scale up any WOD if the weights weren't heavy enough so long as they maintained that intensity. Ok, I am done.

Anonymous said...

Dear Kalsu,

I will conquer you.

Yours Truly,

Optimus Prime

Unknown said...

Just to stir the pot a bit, I do think some sport specific training is necessary if you are going to compete at a high level. Whether you call it crossfit football or just football drills is semantics. I'll use hockey as my example...while there is no substitute for me being on the ice, there are very specific exercises that aren't skill specific (i.e. stickhandling) that I do away from crossfit to help with my performance. While I haven't been crossfitting that long, one thing I notice that is absent that I have to do on my own is balance and agility training. Does crossfit help overall with that stuff? Absolutely, but certain sports require more attention to those specific areas of training. Just some food for thought.

Cline said...

How about some nominations for others (or your) personal theme song?

I guess there's 2 ways to look at this. Either what song encapsulates you, or what song would be playing during their (your) WWF-style into the box?

My short list for the former:

1. "Lazy Guy" by Slobberbone
2. "Superdeformed" by Matthew Sweet
3. "I'm Not Like Everybody Else" by The Kinks

And for the latter:
1. "Lookout Mountain" by Drive-By Truckers
2. "Public Service Announcement (Interlude)" by Jay-Z
3. "Delilah" by Tom Jones

NFW said...


I cannot wait to see your time!

Jason Lyons said...


CF defines the ten elements of fitness as:

1) cardiovascular endurance
2) stamina
3) strength
4) flexibility

5) power
6) speed

7) coordination
8) balance
9) accuracy

so balance and agility are SURELY in there. i personally try to do this in the warm-up alot. we do aerobesks (spelling?) and the agility ladder but i think you are missing the point that in order to accurately execute a snatch, your balance, agility, accuracy, and everything listed above need to be spot on.

CF is designed to give you general physical preparedness. It will not help you throw a curveball or take a slap shot but it will surely prepare you for the 75% of the time that you are in the phosphogenic energy domain as a ice hockey player.

CF is bigger picture...it was never meant to be sport specific but it will help you with the ten things above, rest assured. If you wanna make it spicy, put your guards on your skates and do a work-out in them! nice.

Unknown said...

Hahaha believe it or not we did occasionally do some lifting in college with hard guards on. You know how bad my squat depth is with sneakers, imagine it while standing on 1/8 of an inch!

Anonymous said...

Speaking of CF and hockey, check out this video of a guy from the UAH hockey team doing a WOD wearing full gear:


Rob P

Danny said...


Excellent topic of discussion, mine intro song of choice in ascending order would be:

1) Real American- Rick Derringer (AKA Hulk Hogans entrance song)
2) Mule Skinner Blues- The Fendermen
3) Night Train- GNR
4) Too legit to quit- MC Hammer
5) Conga- Miami Sound Machine
6) My Name is Mud- Primus

Melanie said...

Agreed Jason. And Kate, I agree with you too. CrossFit is by no means a substitute for sport specific training. If you play a sport, there is a specific skills set that is required and deserves more attention to be good. CrossFit can only enhance this skills set though. And I definitely feel more balanced since starting CrossFit and I know this because I am far less clutzy and I fall less when I am on skis! I literally used to trip over my own feet regularly (without having alcohol on board).

Jeff Hi said...

Fight songs would have to be:

Tool - Hush
Pantera - Walk

Then for after the fight you need some drinking songs:

Hell Yeah - Alcohaulin Ass
Big B - White Trash Life

Cline said...

"Walk" was actually Rob Van Dam's intro music back when he was in ECW.

Knowledge dropped.

Jen S. said...

cute doggy :)