W.O.D. 5.20.11

Happy Birthday Kit and "Vincent" Vincent

30 Clean and Jerks for time

Community Notes:

FREE Yoga is at 12:00 on Sunday (5/22) with Tori! All members and non-members are welcome.

The 2011 Regional WOD's have been announced. Click here to read them. Team CFKoP - (John, Mike, Danny, Nikki, Aimee & Cate) will be competing in Fairfax Virgina at George Mason University from June 3rd-5th! Spectators are welcome!! Our team placed 11th overall in the Mid-Atlantic region.

"Originality is simply a pair of fresh eyes."
-Thomas W. Higginson

Mel 7:29
Nina 5:21
Kate 5:30
Jay E. 2:03
Kristin T. 5:37
Rob Ph 3:27
Kevin 2:29
Steph 3:05
Jason B 3:51
Mike T 3:51
Killa 3:59
Jerry 3:33
Chris S 2:43
Peterson 4:13
Melinda 3:36
Vinny 3:22
Sam B 2:54
Nicole 9:26
Rob P 3:00

Tom H 7:53 (95)
Mike S. 6:32 (75)
Megs 4:55 (75)
Todd 4:40 (115)
Brian R 3:59 (115)
Shoeless 4:33 (115)
Denise 3:22 (63)
Clay 2:27 (115)
Kathleen 3:47 (63)
Tim G 3:19 (115)
Miranda ?
Travis 6:22 (95)
Tim H 5:16 (95)
Jess S 7:01 (63)
Sandy 4:10 (53)
KSB 8:05 (73)
Lindsey 6:11 (83)
Justin K 4:20 (95)
Chris B 3:52 (95)
Rachael 5:26 (53)
Charles 4:30 (85)
Maura 3:07 (73)

Congrats to all the Ladies who Rx'd this beast for the first time today!

Mel, Kate, Nina & Kristin T...


Miranda said...

Happy Birthday Kit and Vincent!!!

Jay E - if you see this I am sleeping in tomorrow! Going to the 630pm class

Anonymous said...

Got it

Ellie said...

Happy Birthday guys!

Kristen SB said...

Happy birthday to two great people.
Kit, happy birthday!
Vincent Vincent, happy birthday!
Have a terrific day, guys!

Unknown said...

Happy Birthday Guys!!! Have an incredible weekend!!

Tim P said...

6am Ughs'

Jay E 2:03 Rx(135)
Kristin T 5:37(95)

Mike S 6:32@75#
Todd 4:40@115#
Megs 4:55@75#

Chris P. said...

Jay E., you should do Hybrid's Total challenge on July 9th. I would too since they are also calculating by bodyweight %, but we'll be somewhere in Italy by then.

Kit and Vincent Vincent, happy birthdays! Both stand up guys, real class acts you two.

Aimee Lyons said...

Jay E -nice work and a big congrats to Kristin T for her first Rx Grace!!!

Denise said...

Happy birthday Kit and Vincent!! I hope you guys have a great day :)

Jeff said...

Happy Birthday Kit and Vincent!

Dorothy said...

Happy Birthday Kit and Vincent Vincent.
Kit, you're one of the nicest guys I know who I also find incredibly intimidated because you are just that good.

Vincent, my favorite memory of you is the picture of you picking up a body weight barball sideways on the body weight barbell carry. You are one strong dude.

Way to go Kristen T! That is an awesome time! How did it feel? Was it 5 minutes of a near death experience, or did you cruise through it like a beast?

Anonymous said...

Vincent & Kit-
Hope you guys have great birthdays!


Peterson said...

Happy birthday guys.

TomH said...

Happy B-Day!

Jason Lyons said...

happy birthday fly boy and vincent squared.

jay, at 6 am, that doesnt make sense to me.

kristin t, FBOCF...future beast of crossfit. great work.

Meighan said...

Happy Birthday Kit - Stay safe and come back and visit more! Enjoy your day

Happy Birthday Vincent! Enjoy your day and no sleeping while doing burpees tonight!

Unknown said...

Thanks for the birthday wishes and the kind comments everyone! I miss you all, and i look forward to seeing any of the stragglers who dont go down the shore over memorial day weekend!

Vincent Vincent, its a pleasure to share this day with you!

Jay E....you're a beast! that is an amazing time.

Nikki said...

Happy birthday Kit! And are you all in disguise now or did you just forget to sign your roommate out of his google account? :)

Happy birthday Vincent Vincent! When are we doing our gymnastics training session??

Kristin T - way to ROCK today's WOD! Holy cow that's an impressive time, especially for your first Rx!!

Beetlejuice said...

Happy Birthday Kit and Vincent!!!

Happy 6am Grace day to Jay E and Kristen T!!!

Happy NFW Day to Coach, Jelly and Nicole!!!

Happy RX plus a Gold Star Day to anyone who wods at 6am!!!

NFW said...

I will forever roam the room as I did today

Kit said...

3:25...8 second PR today...been a amazing birthday...thank you all!


nik...you were right i was on my roommates account