W.O.D. 5.27.11

Jason on the top of the Wall at the Metro Dash and on the top of the world after his first muscle up on Tuesday! Thank you for all you do for our athletes, coaches, family and community (especially our Regionals Team). Another year stronger and healthier, thanks to CrossFit. Happy Birthday Jason - I'm proud of all your accomplishments!!

To kick off our HERO weekend properly and celebrate Jason's Birthday & his recent Muscle up and honor S01 (SEAL) Jason Dale Lewis who was killed by an IED while conducting combat operations in Southern Baghdad July 6, 2007...we give you...

100 Squats
5 Muscle-ups
75 Squats
10 Muscle-ups
50 Squats
15 Muscle-ups
25 Squats
20 Muscle-ups

*Scale to MU-transitions if necessary.

Another big birthday wish to Kristen SB who shares this special day with Jason!

Next time you see Shawn, tell him congrats on his first FOUR muscle ups! It is in the air...who is next?

“The quality, not the longevity, of one's life is what is important.”
-Martin Luther King Jr.

Mike S 21:10 MUT
Pat P 16:26 MUT
Meghann 15:50 MUT
Kathleen 16:38 MUT
Kristin T 13:38 MUT
Bekah 12:20 MUT
Olan 28:30 (27 MU/23 jumping)
Jeff 15:50 MUT
Megs 23:25 MUT
Tom H. 27:14 MUT
Daeen 23:34 MUT
Jen S. 32:23 jumping MU
Jeff Hi 29:07 MUT
Ben 23:03 MUT
Melissa D. 22:28 Dips/PU
Peterson 34;59 (3 MU/47 jumping)
Rhonda 18:31 Dips/PU
Danielle Sig 26:00 MUT
Rachael 24:19 MUT
Tim P. 22:19 Rx
JB 24:00 PU
Jason 26:39 (2 MU, 13 jump, 35 trans)
Sandy 17:04 BMUT
Brian R 21:50 BMUT
Rob Ph 17:51 MUT
JZ 19:34 jump
Melinda 18:53 BMUT
P 31:17 Rx
Steph V 20:02 BMUT
Travis 23:00 BMUT
Kate 12:50 BMUT
Shawn 19:40 (2 MU, 48 jump)
Clay 18:23 jump
JP 17:55 dip/pull
Todd 21:14 (14 MU, 36 jump)
Sam B: 21:32 Rx
Kristin SB Birthday Girl: 18:31 MUT
Miranda: 26:15 Dips/Pull Ups
Ditty: 21:13 MUT
Lizzy: 20:58 MUT
Rob P: 20:05 JMU
Sheng-Ching: 19:47 MUT


Peterson, Olan & Jen on the MU

Welcome to Melissa - First class and check out that squat!


Scaling the transition


JZuck said...

Happy Birthday Jason!! Thanks for all that you do to support us. You are a great coach and friend. Have an awesome day.

Happy Birthday Kristen!! Hope you have a great one!

Olan said...

Happy Birthday Kristen and coach Jason!!

Miranda said...

Happy Birthday Jason! You're an inspiration to all of us! I hope you enjoy your day and have a fantastic weekend!

Happy Birthday Kristen!!!! Have a slice of cake and ice cream too!

steph v said...

Happy Birthday KSB- Its always so great to talk to and spend time with you. Hope you have an excellent day!!

Happy birthday Coach Jason. If I could run for office, i'd run for president of your fan club. I love watching you encourage athletes, wether its when they are new and you cheer for them just getting through the WOD, excited as they are to have survived it. or whether its a year into their training and you are giving them a hard time (perhaps about squat depth :-) expecting nothing less then their fullest commitment, believing that they can reach their highest potential. You don't often give out perfect 10's,and for that i am thankful. I have learned the most from the people i have known, who like you say, "you may be good, or better than you used to be, but there is always room for growth- and i want to see more!"

Your a class act, even when your talking about nipples and pinching loafs. Cheers to wall squats and critisim sandwiches. Glad you finaly let that muscle up out! hope your day is awesome.

Chris P. said...

Back when this was posted on Aug. 2, 2007, here are some times by the CF legends:
Robb Wolf - 19:08
Freddy C. - 18:44
OPT - 15:10
Spealler - 10:27 (what the...)

Jason, what a great birthday present to get your muscle ups! No one can beat your enthusiasm for CF and constantly searching for ways to improve yourself. And no one can beat your endurance pee. Yeah, I said that. Happy birthday!

KSB, your ability and strength have grown significantly over your CF tenure and I only see it going up. You always bring a smile to the gym and effort to the wod. Happy birthday!

Patti said...

Happy birthday Jason and Kristen!!!!Have a great day and enjoy your weekend!!!!

Jen S. said...

Two people I love dearly! Happy Birthday Jason & KSB!

Ed Vincent said...

Happy Birthday coach Jason and Kristin S.!!!

Jen Naspinski said...

Happy Birthday! I learn something new every time you coach. Your pursuit of excellence inspires me to try harder.

donkey said...

happy birthday to KBS, and NYAHHHHHHHHHHHHH to Jaaaason! i hope both of you are spoiled rotten today :)

Kathleen said...

Happy birthday Jason and "KSB" :-) You guys are the best! Have a great day!!!!

Danny said...

Happy Birthday Jason!

If I didnt know any better, I would say those Dos Equis commercials were about you:

"He is the life of parties he never attended."
"He once had an awkward moment, just to see how it feels."
"He's won trophies for his game face alone."
"His words carry weight that would break a less interesting man's jaw."
"If he were to punch you in the face, you would have to fight off the resisting urge to thank him".
"His mother has a tattoo that reads 'son'".
"At museums he is allowed to touch the art."
"Sharks have a week dedicated to him."
"He can speak French, in Russian."
"He bowls overhand"

And finally, if Steph is the President...i am the Vice President of your fan club. Have a great bday!

NFW said...

Happy Birthday Jason....I will be watching you

Jelly said...

Even though I have not met you yet, Happy Birthday.

Duck from the Pond said...

Happy Birthday Jason....all I will say is THANKS

The Wolfpack said...

Happy Birthday and wish you many more!

Lindsey said...

Happy Birthday Jason and Kristen!! The two of you are absolutely amazing. You inspire everyone around you and encourage us all to go the extra mile when we think we have nothing left. Kudos to you both for another great year!

Peterson said...

Happy birthday guys. Keep on keepin' on.

Tim H said...

Happy Birthday Jason and Kristen!

Nikki said...

Happy birthday Jason! So happy to have you as my coach and my friend!

KSB - Happy birthday! I hope you enjoy your day!

Jeff said...

6AM Early Weekenders results (MUT = muscle up transitions):

Mike S 21:10 MUT
Pat P 16:26 MUT
Meghann 15:50 MUT
Kathleen 16:38 MUT
Kristin T 13:38 MUT
Bekah 12:20 MUT

Nice job this morning guys! And Happy Birthday to coach Jason and Kristen SB, hope your birthdays are great!

TomH said...

Happy B-day, Jason!

Happy B-day, Kristen!

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday Jason and Kristen!

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday Jason and Kristen! Hope you guys have a great day.


Joe A said...

Hope you both have a good birthday Jason and Kristen

Kristin T. said...

Happy birthday Jason! Thanks for being a great coach and always pushing me to be more agressive and keep the
intensity up during WODs! Enjoy your day!

Also Happy Birthday to Kristen SB! I always like to see your smiley face at the gym! Have a great day girl and hope to see you soon!

Melanie said...

I hope you have a great birthday Jason, you totally deserve it! Thakn you for everythign that you do for us around the box. You are a great coach and an inspiration and make working out fun. Nnnnaaayyyyaaaahhhh!

Kristen SB, you are the sweetest person!! I hope you have a wonderful birthday!

TPNovaarunner said...

Jason, your dedication to KOP is unique in it's own, and your passion shines thru. Soooo many of us appreciate the type of guidance you give! Happy Birthday

KSB- keep up the hard work and HAPPY BDAY on a beautiful day.

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday Jason!

Thanks for being such a great coach, you make everything fun while also challenging us to do more. You are an all around awesome person. Rock on!


Anonymous said...

HAPe BiRft-day Daddy!

-Love Chloe

Rock Bottom said...

Happy birthday Jason! Thanks for everything, you have been great!

Synergy said...

Thanks for believing in me and forever promoting me. Happy Birthday Jason!

Danny said...

Happy Birthday Kristen SB!!!!

6am Wod said...

Happy Birthday Jason! Too bad you didnt make it this morning...

Hope there isnt a blog posting limit caused by a 6am wod and too much coffee said...

Happy Friday to all!

Cline said...

Happy Birthday to 2 people with enough concentrated oomph for a whole carload of Hollywood starlets!

Melinda said...

Happy Birthday, Jason!
Just for you since it's your day, I will make sure I am on time to class today - maybe I will even show up early! :)
I love your insanely sarcastic personality and your great coaching style!

Have a great day!

Gina Fab said...

Happy Birthday Jason and Kristen! I agree with everyone else...Jason you are an amazing coach and thanks for all you do...and Kristen you are truly one of the sweetest people ever! Hope you both have a great day!

Danielle Sig said...

Happy birthday!!

Laura Pappas said...

Happy Birthday Jason - thanks for being a great coach, always motivating and trying to make each of us do our best. I'm happy you got a muscle up for your birthday too.

Happy Birthday KSB - it's been great watching you improve, keep at it girl and have a great birthday.

How often is it 90 degrees on your birthday huh, get outside and get some vitamin D :)

Anonymous said...

Happy birthday Kristen. It is fantastic to watch you grow. You are amazing and an inspiration. You have the best triple extension I've ever seen!

Happy Birthday Jason. Thanks for being the form police. Without you we would all be cheating. You and Aimee make a great team even if she doesn't realize how wrong she is.

Dorothy said...

That was me above.

RX said...

Happy Birthday, Even though you keep telling everyone how unimportant I am! Don't listen to him, chase me bitches!

Meighan said...

Happy Birthday Kristin SB! Have a great day and keep smiling.

Jason - enjoy your day! Thank you for believing in me even when I dont and for taking the time to push me to go harder and heavier and faster than I think I can. You walk to walk and talk the talk.

Agree with Laura - go get some sunshine!! :)

Jason Lyons said...

First off, Happy Birthday to KSB. You are only the second person I have met that shares our day so good on you. You have made so much progress since entering our doors and it is an honor to watch.

To everyone else, wow. I am humbled, thank you so much. I do what I do because it is rewarding and fun. You have no idea how important each of you are to my success so it is only right that I devote myself to yours. With each push-up or pull-up, you fight back against those that once said you cannot and feed my desire to continue. Thanks again...so much.

Unknown said...

Happy Birthday Jason! I do really appreciate you getting on my case about my squat depth! What doesn't kill you will only make you stronger...

Happpy Birthday Kristen!

Aimee Lyons said...

all these new bloggers coming out on Jason's birthday, this is grand!

Chris P. said...

or at least new blogger identities! CrossFit Schizo? I would say it isn't me, but then again, I wouldn't know

Jen Naspinski said...

OMG - I lOVE the people at our box.
LMFAO - Rx, 6am WOD and esp what Danny said about the Dos Equis commerical. I am crying from laughter -

Jason Lyons said...

Anyone want to discuss how disgustly hard this workout is and how redonkulous is it that Speal can finish it is 10 minutes. What world is he from, like honestly.

Anyway, I get out early today so yippie for me. 50 comments. I am pretty sure we broke a record today. I feel loved.

Mike S said...

Happy Birthday Jason! I really appreciate your great coaching, especially your ability to identify opportunities for improvement with form, efficiency, and (yes) maintaining intensity. Have a great, long birthday weekend!

TP said...

@Jason- after doing this it becomes more evident that Spealler is just that: Trancendent

The Elusive Muscle Up said...

Jason: So glad you finally popped my cherry, just in time for your birthday. Happy birthday, baby.

The 45lb KB Brothers said...


If there were more of me, we would sing of your day in 4 or even 6-part harmony. As it is, a duet seems somehow insufficient.


Hekyll & Jekyll

Festivus said...

Happy Birthday Jason! Almost half way til we see each other again..

Beer said...

happy bithday dude! Nobody loves me more than you do (even though you try to break up with me from time to time!

Eddie Vedder said...

Yeah, you wish!

Comment Board Crossfit said...

Comment board WOD: Rx - hit 100 funny posts for time, no scaling.

Eddie V's Seafood-Austin said...

Not owned by Eddie Vedder...

74 Rep Randy said...

Happy Birthday, Thanks for never letting me hear the end of it.

Crossfit Games Website said...

Thanks for taking the day off from constantly refreshing...oh....and Happy Birthday

Heavy Overhead Squat said...

Jason, don't run off with Muscle Up, come back to me, I have everything you need

Lionshead said...

Thanks for making me your choice of fine brew, Jason. Next one of me is on me.

Aimee Lyons said...

Danny you are flippin hilarious!

Coconut Cream Pie Lara Bar said...

Happy birthdaaaa... Oh wait a minute, who's birthday is it again? Jason? Who the hell is Jason? I thought it was Danny's birthday.

Jason Lyons said...

Mad props to Shawn for his first 4 muscle ups. Too bad someone else got them first! lol. Proud of you man!

donkey said...

530 & 630 Quicker Muscle Uppers


Sam B: 21:32 Rx
Kristin SB Birthday Girl: 18:31 MUT
Miranda: 26:15 Dips/Pull Ups
Ditty: 21:13 MUT


Lizzy: 20:58 MUT
Rob P: 20:05 JMU
Sheng-Ching: 19:47 MUT

Nyaaaahhhhh said...

Jason, happy birthday man. You always seem to be singing my praises so now it's my turn to sing yours. Thanks man for increasing my popularity. So many people at the box now seem to know who I am - Hell yeah!

Sore Nipples said...

Jason: thanks for remembering us in your WOD discussions. We love you too.

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday Jason and Kristen. Hope you had a great day.


Pearl Jam said...

Jason, thanks for coming to 115 of our shows and carrying our gym bag around. Although we see this on the "more than obsessive" end of our fan group, we're happy to have you. The next song we play will be "Happy Birthday" just for you.

Cindy said...

I know I'm late to the party and have nothing particularly profound or funny to add, but I want to make sure that both Jason and Kristen know how much I love and appreciate them, and am inspired by them.

Hope you two had great birthdays!