155/225 pound Deadlift, 21 reps
Handstand walk 21 meters
155/225 pound Deadlift, 15 reps
Handstand walk 15 meters
155/225 pound Deadlift, 9 reps
Handstand walk 9 meters

Skill Work:
Muscle Up

"Always dream and shoot higher than you know you can reach. Don't bother just to be better than your contemporaries and predecessors; try to be better than yourself." 


Travis Mac said...

Anyone know what a scale for a handstand walk is?!?!

Stephanie Vincent said...

Your coaches will let you know what scales they recommend but there are So many ways to scale... Shoulder touches while in a handstand on the wall, free standing hand stand kick ups (or handstand kick ups on the wall if still working on that), handstand walk with a spotter, handstand walk attempts (if your close its good to just give it a go), plank walk

TP said...


Jay E 5:26 Rx
Coxhead 3:06 Rx
Gina 7:41 155, HSHolds
Peter 6:40
Brian D 7:49 HSholds
Kelvin 4:00, 155
Susie 6:29 HSholds
Ellie 7:31
Wax 5:34 Rx
Mike S 9:46 (175/HSHolds
Rebecca 6:29 HSHolds

We used a few different scales, along with bands as a variation from HSHolds. Good work Team Earrlay Mornin'

Melanie said...

Are there burn marks on the rubber mats from how fast Coxhead went? Daaaaammmmn!

Wax said...

I am convinced Coxhead is half Patas Monkey:

Patas monkeys have evolved in many ways to survive on open ground. They run very fast, up to 34 mph (55 km/h) – this makes them the fastest primates on land. when threatened, they do climb trees to escape from predators, but primarily rely on their running speed.

Because of the dangers associated with living on the ground in Africa, they breed very quickly to counter-act the higher mortality rate they have, in comparison to other primates.


PS -- way to smoke it this AM.

Coxhead said...

Wax.....wtf? Hahahhaha

Jason Lyons said...

curious how we are defining rx for this? i think there should be a minimal distance you need to cover actually walking on your hands. for instance, if you attempt and fall over and basically do hand stand fall overs for 21m, i do not think that is rx. just saying. lol. first post back, it couldn't be positive.

Cate said...
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Cate said...

noon results:

Susan 4:53 (wall walks)
Megs 9:00 rx
Gigi 10:37 (40/wall)
Barb 6:30 (115)
Diann 9:26 (155/wall)
Nick Z 8:15 (205)
Cate 4:07 rx

Chris P. said...

way to be debbie downer there Jas, stop chasing the Rx...welcome back btw

Chasing the Rx blog post: http://bit.ly/POoqZ7

Jason Lyons said...

P. I am posting that for that exact reason...so people don't chase the rx and focus on actually getting better on their hand stand walks!

TP said...


Rob Ph 4:41 Rx
Breanna 6:26 125
Rinat 6:19 (180)
Travis M 6:42 holds
Stacy 5:29 (125)
Joy 7:12
Arin 6:37 (135) HD Holds
Alison 4:40 Rx
Lam 6:33 (195) 1st Muscle Up Booya

Sarah J. said...

Lam!!!!!! Congratulations! That is so exciting!!

Wax said...

Way to go Lam!!

Chris P. said...

scale key:
if scale is not noted, done as Rx'd (weight or handstand walk)
1. holds = hold handstand against wall
2. taps = against wall, tap shoulders
3. attempted taps = attempted taps
4. slides = use white sliders under feet and use arms to slide across floor

Heather 9:17 Rx
Flounder 6:18 205 holds
Keith 6:27 Rx
Ben 5:45 155# holds
Nicole M 4:56 85/holds
Kate C 5:04 attempted taps
Vincent 6:17 slides
Grace 4:38 taps
Tim McC 4:21 slides
Gene 5:22 245 slides
Patrick P 6:55 Rx
Matt O 7:00 225 slides
Mark C 7:45 155 taps
Jim C 8:22 Rx

Sam B 6:48 185#
Jess C 8:38 135 taps
Mel S 9:04 125 holds
Denise 6:56 holds
John Sch 8:48 lifts
Albert 4:11 Rx
Stasie 9:10 115 holds
Amy D 6:36 103 holds
Jackie H 6:30 135, 20# db presses

Justin H 6:06 185
Oleg 5:35 205 taps
Diego 5;31 185 taps
Sandy 8:21 125 attempted taps
Erika 8:30 135 handstand practice
Leslie 5:32 135 holds

Welcome (back) to Grace from Alexandria who not only owns muscle ups, but also apparently thinks we are the friendliest box she's visited. I'll take it! Props to Heather for Rx'ing this one, and heads up that Melissa is leaving for boarding school in CT on Friday. Be sure to stop in on breaks!