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AMRAP in 15 Minutes:
5 WallBalls (14#-9ft, 20#-10ft)
10 Box Jumps (20/21"-24/25")
15 Kettlebell Swings (35/55#)

Community Note:
CrossFit Endurance with coach Pappas at the Upper Merion Track tonight at 6:30PM.

"Blur the distinction between strength training and metabolic conditioning for the simple reason that nature's challenges are typically blind to the distinction."
-Greg Glassman 


Unknown said...

I wanna play Hoover Ball!

Aimee Lyons said...

CrossFit Endurance with coach Pappas at the Upper Merion Track tonight at 6:30PM.

donkey said...

hey guys--donkey here. i found the $ for Zach--thank you!

also, someone left a phone at the box. we will be open again at noon. if you have my phone number/FB/email and want me to open it up sooner for you, call/email/text me. i'm close to the box.


TP said...

6am was a small crowd

Eric E (dropping in from Nashvegas Music City)
6 Rounds
Gina 7
Roni 9
Cris 10
Mike P 8
Ellie 7
King 8
Balmer 8
Rebecca 8
Wax 8
Jay E 6 (70#kb)
Kristin T Rx+ 53#kb/20#wb
Nina Rx+ 53#kb/20#wb

Brian D 7 (26#kb)
Mike S 5 (44#kb)
Kelvin 45#kb
Alex 8 44#kb

Kristin T. said...

8 for KT!

Mike P said...

. . . OK, I am looking for a mat so I can face KT's direction and bow and kneel reverently to her on a regular basis.

'effing inspring this morning. Way to own souls, KT.

jim c said...

Hail to the queen, baby.

Aimee Lyons said...


TP said...

Sorry about that, ya Soul Crushers

K.T. 8
Nina 6

TP said...


Vinny 10
Pam G 9
Justin R 6
VinnieTheGrip 6 (1st Rx!)
JZ 7
Rob Ph 7
Brian R 7
Kathleen 6
Travis 6

Manisha 5 (35/26.5, 21")
Mark S 4 (21",44kb)

Stephanie Vincent said...


Burnsey 8
Mike T 7 (RX+ 30/70)
Beth 6
Susan 7
Justin H. 6
Joy 7
Alexis 5
Chris A 6
Schaefer 10
Becky 6
Ryan B. 9
Megs 7

Nick Z 7 (53)
Mark B 7 (53)
Lindsey 9
Dianne 6 (10/17/26)
Kyle Z. 6 (14/21/45)

Megs said...

Congrats to Beth O on her first rx!!! What an ass kicker

Sarah J. said...

Yeah Beth!! You are awesome girl!!!

Aimee Lyons said...

Beth!!!!!!! whoooo-hoo! Congrats

Unknown said...

Way to go Beth! Nice job today!

Chris P. said...

five thirty
Mel 8 step ups
Kate C 7 Rx(mens)
Geoff M 8 Rx
Sandy 6 scale
Stasie 5 scale
Dan M 6 scale
Diego 5 Rx
Calvin 6 Rx
Tim McC 7 Rx

six thirty
Jeremy 7 Rx
Amy 6 Rx
Heather 8 scale
Jess S 7 Rx
Andrew Y 7 45$
Paul S 9 Rx
Faby 9 Rx+ 70#
Conn 7 Rx
Derreck 6 Rx
Denise 7 Rx
Klutch 7 Rx
AJ 6 Rx
Borden 7 Rx
Shawn 6 Rx
Ying 6 scale
Albert 9 Rx
Randy 5 scale
Sarah J 6 Rx (or 11 men's Rx if you're Vinny reading this)

seven thirty
Faith 8 18/13"/18#kb
Rob 6 14/35#kb
Brett 7 8/13"/18#kb
Anne 6 8/13"/18#kb
Mark 7 10/17"/26#kb
Sean 8 Rx
Leslie 6 10/26#kb
Matt 6 44#kb
Diane 7 Rx

impressive efforts tonight. How do I know? Because the battlefield looked like the aftermath of Fran at the end of the workout. Welcome to Mark for his 2nd class; props to Diego for giving Calvin a piggy back in warm up; props to Anne for using the 13" box the entire workout and not going to the stacked plates; and Denise for keeping up with the guys in the sprint cash out.