Overhead Squat

Push Press

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"In the middle of a difficulty lies opportunity."
- Albert Einstein


Chris P. said...
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Chris P. said...

Anne, Mark, Matt, and Faith,
Here are the Paleo links I was talking about tonight. It's a lot of info to absorb, so don't expect to take it all in at once!

My fat face: http://bit.ly/PDH3fV

My "Paleo 101" page: http://bit.ly/PDH4QS

Primal Blueprint cookbook: http://bit.ly/PDHcQv

Laura Pappas said...

Anyone want to check out some info about the trek that we did (Plenti and Pappi) check out my blog post here: http://www.laurapappashealth.com/2012/08/awe-inspiring-vacation/ a few preview photos to the FB album :)

TP said...


Gina 55ohs, 75pp
Susie 25, 25
Mike S 55, 100
Pat P 135, 135
Paul F 95, 170
Brett 95, 145
Jay E 205, 235
Sam 115, 135
Lauren M 70, 70
Peter 125, 135
Nick C 125, 145
L.P 105, 95
T.P. 155, 165

Whew, when the weight is overhead, those 10reps take for-ever. Nice strength session crew.

donkey said...


Ryan B: 135/225
Rob Ph: 155/195
Justin: 150/135
Alexis: form/65
Sarah W: form/55
Mike W: 65/145
Becky: 75/83
Lindsay 25/53

10 strung OHS is as much mental as it is physical. Nicely done, nooners!

Keith B said...


Key: Overhead/Push Press

Breanna 55/85
Sandy 65/80
Calvin 135/175
Gene 115/175
John Sch 155/175
Jim C 105/140
Oleg 135/155
Kim G 55/85
Brian R 135/165
Sharon 35/115
Dan L 95/175
Vinny 170/x

Vinny said...

4:30 results

Steve M 83/63
Jim Cur 115/165
Keith 135/165
Jeff H 95/120
Joe C 95/135
Steph V 95/120
Travis K 105/135
Tim Mcc 95/155