The Advent Calendar is typically a calendar containing small numbered flaps, one of which is opened on each day of Advent, typically to reveal a picture or treat appropriate to the season. 


 For us at the box, the Advent Calendar means a mini-CrossFit Challenge each day from December 1st through the 24th. The challenge will be posted on the blog 8 PM the night before along with the WOD. You will have from 6AM until the new challenge posts at 8PM to complete the challenge. 


Each submission will have to be verified by another athlete, so grab a coach or fellow athlete and get started! If you can't make it to the box that day - no worries - video submissions will be accepted. So grab your camera, record, and post on the CFKoP Community FB page-or maybe even live stream! 


 There will be a spot on the board each day for the results. The winner each day will receive a raffle ticket and can place their ticket in the raffle of their choice. 


Some days there will be more than one winner and we will have different categories, Female/Male, Scaled/ RX. 


The raffle winners will be drawn at the end of the Month!


Prizes include:

1 hour Personal Training Session with your Favorite CFKoP Coach 

A basket of merch from the CFKoP store 

 A photo-shoot with Ryan Samson Photography

Wine and Spirits Basket

$25 to United Mettle

...and more

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