"We have a fun lifting weekend approaching, we’re calling it the Cold Iron weekend - on Sunday January 27th we’re holding the The Liftoff.  

This is fun max-out day for both crossiftters and weightlifters alike. This is not a sanctioned USAW event, but a day for the local community to come together and lift together. The lifts include the snatch, clean and jerk, backsquat, and deadlift. Participants can sign up for 2, 3, or all 4 lifts and attempt to find their 1 rep max in each!

 We will be giving out prizes to the top athlete (in relation to body weight) for each lift as well as the best lifter overall for the day.

 Pricing for the event is as follows:
Flurry: $50.00 -This is for 2 events of your choice
Blizzard: $75.00 -This is for 3 events of your choice + event t-shirt
Nor’easter: $85.00 -This is for 4 events of your choice + event t-shirt"

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