Festivus "Year End" Awards

 Most likely to eat fast food - John and Kim C
 Biggest Chalk abuser - Miranda and Tim Mcc
 Most likely to Rx + - Aimee and Vinny
 Biggest Gear Whore - Megs and Keith (not pictured)
 Most likely to geek out about CF - Plentus and Steph V.
 Post WOD Drama Queens - Jen S and Vinny
 Most likely to get a visit from Pukie - Jen S and Dan L (not pictured)
 Most Likely to Succeed - Sam B and Kate C
Best athletic supporter - Sarah J and Jay E (not pictured)

Most likely to be found doing burpees for being late
Schaefer and Lisa C


Chris P. said...

Conveniently, Vinny tried to Rx+ by picking Aimee up.

Also, Lisa C. showed up at 11pm to an empty gym. j/k

Anonymous said...

I'm honored!!!! Sorry I missed it!

Dan L.

Anonymous said...

There must of been a mistake....the biggest gear whore is Mike P.