What is CrossFit?

In one sentence CrossFit is "Constantly varied, functional movements executed at high intensity."
So let's break it down...
Constantly Varied- Why Variety? Because Variety is the spice of life! And we want to prepare for the unknown and be ready for anything that life throws at you! The more variety in anything you do the better prepared you are for everything in life! Variety in what? In climate, sea level, location, load, exercises, distance, reps, time, weight, time of day...
Functional Movements- Functional Movements are universal motor patterns that mimic human movement in everyday life. They are essential to independent living and are multi-joint safe movements compared to non-functional single joint movements. Examples of functional movements are squats, dead lifts, pushes and pulls. Functional movements are prehistoric and predate the earliest gym, so this is nothing new! Functional movements move from core to extremity, can tolerate large loads, elicit power and move them long distances in a short amount of time while providing an amazing neuro-endocrine response. Who should do Functional Movements? Everyone already does and should! From picking up the bag of groceries to picking up your children, even sitting on the toilet... ALL FUNCTIONAL! Training Functional Movements will improve the quality of life for everyone who performs them weather 8 or 80 yrs old; re-learning how to move your bodies more efficiently and effectively, no matter what level of fitness will increase your functional capacity for life! Even the elite athletes will improve sport specific performance with functional movements. Functional movements are unique in the way they elicit POWER!
Intensity- Intensity = Power.
This is the good stuff! Its all about hard and fast! You are as intense as you are powerful! Intensity is an independent variable associated with maximizing the rate of return! What else do you get from Intensity? Increased bone density, decreased body fat, increased cardio, decreased cholesterol...and so many more amazing things!

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