W.O.D. 3.2.17

Know any Masters athletes?
Make sure to tell them about our class on Tuesday and Thursday at 1:00PM!

Every OTHER Minute on the Minute for 10 Minutes:
Evens: Row 12/15 Calories
Odds: 10 Burpees

Every OTHER Minute on the Minute for 10 Minutes:
Evens: 5 Pull-ups/10 Air Squats
Odds:15 Kettlebell Swings (35/53#)

Community Notes: 
This FRIDAY is the second week of the CrossFit Games OPEN, we will run heats (upon arrival) from 3:30PM until 7:30PM (and the workout will run in all other classes throughout the day, as well). Friends and spectators are welcome. Drop-ins are only $10 for FRIDAY NIGHT LIGHTS!

Difficult roads often lead to beautiful destinations.



Stephanie Vincent said...

Devon Rx
Ellie Rx
Katie M Sc
Jeff B Rx
Donna Band/26#
Danielle ROM on PU

Joe C Rx
Matt E Rx
Kate K RR
Raj RR

CFKOP iPad said...

Manisha 11/10 Rx
Karen s 11/10 band. Russian
Sarah w 10/10 26#
Barb z 10/10 3 PU

Aimee Lyons said...

Rich A rx/c2b hspu
Tim H sc
Pam G rx
Kevin T rx
Jessie 10/10 rx
John Mc rx/ RR/Russian

CFKOP iPad said...

Masters. 10 cals/9 burpees
Barb c 9/8--26 band
Sheila 9/8 -18 band
Ina Rx --26 band
Terry Rx --26
Anne b Rx--26 band

CFKOP iPad said...

Jill a Rx
Keith b Rx
Alex t Rx
Mike r Rx
Mike m 44#
Nicole r Sc
Nicole n Rx
Katie band
Brian r Sc
Olan rx

Rachel Spring said...

Cindi sc
TJ Rnd 1: RX/Rnd 2: 8KBS
Lindsey RX
Nate Rnd 1: RX/Rnd 2: DNF
Weston RX

Aimee Lyons said...

Ashley M rx
Josh s Rx
Alexis 26#
Heleen sc
Shawna rx

Jenna said...
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