W.O.D. 9.4.20

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10 RM Overhead Squat

Cash out:
AMRAP in 7 Minutes:
7 Overhead Squats (use 60% of 10 RM)
7/10 Calories Air Bike
25 Double Unders

“The mind is everything. What you think you become.” 
– Buddha


Jackie Halpern said...

93# (from floor), 2+25 (100m run instead of bike)

Jenna said...

Cate 95/ 3+7 (73)
Aimee 128/ 4+5 (78 fs)

Dana H 125/ 3+7 rx
Missy 45/ 2+7 rx
Julia 85/ 3+14 rx

Lea W 130/ 3+14 rx
Pam G 95/ 3+11 rx
Meighan 85/ 3+19 rx
Gianfranco 125/ 4+1 rx
Grace T 70/ 3+11 rx
Jess A 75 (2 rep strict press)/ 4+18 (70 kb dl, su)
Alan 85/ 3+9 su
Roman 30 (box)/ 2+7 (box, rack, 15#, su)

Jenna said...

Keith 135/ 4+4 rx
AMM 85/ 3+7 rx
Samson 160 pr/ 3+7 rx
Mike Mit 75 fs/ 3 (2x su)
Mae 65x 3 press/ 3 press, su
Alex B 60/ 2+7 rx
Chris L 150/ 3+17 rx
Jess S 65/ 3 rx
Raj 135/ 2+14 rx
Nick C 85/ 2+12rx
Olan 105/ 2+17 rx
Sal 105/ 3 (75)
Tunde 60/ 3+7 rx

Ben B 95/ 2+10 (15dua)
Marwan 75/ 3 (50, su, 5dua)
Danielle C 30/ 3+7 (15, su)

Manisha said...

Jamie S 85 4+34 Rx
Mark S 140 4Rds Rx
Mike M 95# 3+10Rx
Grace L 75 2+11 DUA
Karen B 145 4+10 Rx
Mak 115# 3Rds Rx
Sam B 185 :)
Theresa L 95# 3rd (Run 200m treadmill)
Anna C 25# 4Rds 15# Bar/50SUs/C2Bike

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