W.O.D. 1.9.19

Our latest On-Ramp program begins on January 14th at 6:30 PM. 
Please pass this along to your friends who want to try CrossFit King of Prussia. 
With this program, they will receive 6 personalized classes and one week of unlimited membership for only $75! 

CLICK HERE to sign up.

For time:
100/70 Calorie Row
80 Wallballs (14/20# to 9/10 ft)
60 Pull-upS
40 GHD Sit-ups
20 Power Cleans (105/155#)

“When we are no longer able to change a situation, we are challenged to change ourselves.” 
 ― Viktor E. Frankl


CFKOP iPad said...

9:30 AM

Jackie H. 24:08,10#,30 rr,10@85#
Mary H. 23:36,75#,30 pu,10#
Larissa T. 22:50,30 pu,20 ghd,35#
Nikki M. 19:01,100 cal row,60 vups
Mak. 20:34,40 pu
Lucas S. 22:30 Rx
Donna G. 20:15,40 pu,abmat,85#

CFKOP iPad said...

Gordy 23:32,135#

CFKOP iPad said...

12:15 EXP

Steph V. 24:36, rom band pu,abmat
Manisha S. 24:24,75#
Pete D. 22:42,135#,abmat
Kevin T. 26:40,125#,10 ghd/30 vups
Matt T. 27:53,115#
Nicole N. 26:48,band pu/rr,65#
Holly. 22:10,rr,sit-ups,65#
Cherie C. 23:25,10#,band pu,sit-ups,70#
Subhan K. 24:12,14#/9’,95#

Jenna Kenny said...

Gia 25:05 (85, ab)
Liz 25:53 (85, 30 pu, ab)
Trini 25:35 (50, band 40, ab)
Matt e 26:59 (ab)
Marissa 22:52 rx
Greg a 26:40 (125)
Caitlyn b 23:20 (85)
Steph c 24:26 (75)
Mike l 25:20 (85cal, 40 pu, 60#)

Mae 21:09 (6#wb, 35 rus kB, 63)
Dan m 24:16 (40 pu, 115)
Missy 22:00 (10# wb, band 40, 65)

Tim P said...

King 24:56 @135#
Mike S 28:29 (80/60wb 10#, 40RR, 40abm, 115#
Laura Smith 19:51 65#, 12#, Hollow Tuck, 30 pull-ups w floss)
Ellie H 24:11, (RR)
Ben M 26:58 95#, (PC)
Todd W 25:45 (135#, RR)
Anna L. 17:14 Rx

Mike P 23:38 ?
Jamie S. 20:17 (RR)
Mark S 24:58 Rx
Dana D 19:45 Rx
Jeff G 24:24 75#
Meg O 21:00-21:30 ish. Rx
Danielle G 23:10 Rx
Colleen B 22:!5 abmat
JP 21:56 Rx

Anna C 25:03 (10#, 75#, band)
Christine R 24:42 (65#, banded pull-ups)
Jess M 21:17 (65# band, 2min plank sub)
Alex B 26:03 (65#, banded pu, abmat)

Evie 21:25....
70cal C2 Bike
80 goblet squats
60 absu
50 BJ
40 DL@155

Stephanie Vincent said...

Keith 17:17 AS/BJ/SABM/DB
Cory 21:58 rx
Tunfe 25:00 10#/bnd/ABM/85(10reps)
Julie R 24:25Rx
Matt D 21:14 LadiesRx w/85#clean
Chris 23:02 Rx
Neil Do 22:10 WBROM/GHDROM/135
Jenna 22:50Rx
Jill H 20:59 30pullups/85
Manny 24:57 14/40PU/ABM/95
Remer 22:52 Rx
Karen 22:01 40PU/ABM/65
Dave h 24:21Rx
Rekha 21:10 50cal/60wb8#/RR/ABM/35
Mike M 24:24 105sc
Patricia 22:25 10#WB/RR/ABM/58?

Stephanie Vincent said...

Josh M 22:52 40 StrictPU
Jen C 16:25 1 ARM SC
Adam 25:08 Sc
Kayla 16:20Rx
Alex Th 20:22 40PU/85
Kat S 19:42 Sc
Farrah 23:33 60c/60WB10#/RR/ABM/45
Austin 27:28 18/rr/115
Cass 23:21 RR/ABM/85
Shawna 24:22 ABM/RR/85
Micah 22:35Rx
Mike Mc 20:43 Sc
Steph M 21:21 85/adm
Alona 22:34 ROMButterfly
Sam F 25:36 50PU/ABM/115
Justin H 28:45 15/RR/ABM/135
Barghav 28:19 70c/60WB@10#/RR/ABM/53
Joe S 19:45Rx

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