W.O.D. 9.17.19

5 Rounds for time of:
20/15 Calorie Air Bike
50 Feet Handstand Walk
9 Sandbag ground to over the shoulder (100/150#)

“Keep steadily before you the fact that all true success depends at last upon yourself.”
– Theodore T. Hunger


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Jenna said...

Sam b 17:35 (100#, 5 wall walk ins)
Carl b 26:39 rx
JP 30:08 rx
Jeff 19:16 (100#)
Dave h 33:22 rx
Manisha 24:10 (50#, 5wwi)
Susan 22:54 (70#, 5wwi)
Lea 23:35 (25’ hswalk)
Bridget 19:40 (70#, 5wwi)
Matt t 23:53 (5 wall walks, 100#)
Rich a 25:19 (3 rds)
Joe c 20:19 (5 wwi, 100#)
Harry 21:50 (70/100#, c2 bike, box hs walk)
Pete d 25:09 (100#, 5 wwi)
Kevin h 20:52 (5wwi)

Amrap In 20
Mom 5 (10c, 25#, box hs walk)
Gordy 5 (15 cal, 25’ hs walk, 20#)
Terry 5 (15 c2 bike, 30#, wwi + box)
Cathy 2 (seated press, 20#, 10 cal)
Pam g 4+18 (5 wwi, 70#)
Barb c 4+15 (30/50#, box walk)
Ina 4+2 (10cal, 25’ walk, 30#)
Dianne 4 (10 cal, 30#, wwi x2)

Jenna said...

Cate 24:06 (70#, 3 wall walks)
Tyler 25:15 rx

Manisha said...

Laura S 21:56 20 hs shifts/35#
Yex 22:04 70#,20 hs shifts
Jeremy D 23:50 25ft/100#
Holly :)
Theresa L 25:26 70#
Mike C 19:46 15cals/100#/hs Shifts
Kevin B 23:13 100#

Danielle G 22:50 5 wwi,70#
Meg O 19:40 Sandbag Carry
Justin C 23:25 100#/sandbag carry
Marissa A 27:52 Rx
Alfredo 26:30 100/Plank taps
Dana D 28:20 3ww
Mike P 21:40 100/25ft
Mike M 21:42 25ft
Colin 19:42 100
Angelo 25:26 70#

Gordy said...

Gordy - 70# sandbag

Jillian Archibald said...

Dana H. 25:32 25'
Laurie 23:12 sc
Andrew M. 23:54 rx
Jeff P. 25:41 rx
Josh Mc. 23:57 100#
Natalie 18:59 walk ins/70#
Bhargav 28:25 box/70#
Lauren H. 23:59 70#/shifts
Sam F. 24:10 100#/50'x1, 25'x4
Joe S. 26:14 rx

Steph C. 23:44 50#/box/20 cal erg bike
Sarah J. 27:48 70#/box
Kim 23:40 50#/box
Laura S. 24:27 25'/25# slamball
Josh S. 28:?? sc
Braden 29:04 25'
Matt E. 20:50 shifts/100#
Subhan :)
Maia :)
Siva 26:00 100#/box
Chak 23:38 100#/shifts

Evie said...

Erin M 18:50 70# 5 walkins
Colleen 18:30 70# 5 walkins
Ryan C 20:20 100# box walk 15 cals
Erika 19:15 50# 25 shoulder taps

Jilla 20:42 70# 3 rounds
Aimee 24:04 rx
Cate 30:57 rx
Jenna 29:05 5 walkins
Steph 26:17 5x5s HSH 70#
Jackie H 22:44 70# 30 shifts 12 cals
Mary H 25:28 12 cals 25’ walk 70#
Jill H 23:23 12 cal 3 walkins 70#
Katri 23:29 5 box walk 50#

Danielle Gambone said...

Blaire 27:49,3 ww,70/50
Alex 23:55,5 walk ins, 70
Ro 30:14,SBC, 50,15/10 cals

Jenna said...

Keith 25:26 (100#)
Mchugh 22:50 (sb carry, 100#)
Donna g 19:44 (10 hand shifts, 70#)
Roberto 28:11 (wwi, 100#)
Larissa 25:20 (wwi, 50#)
Mike m 27:10 sc
Karen 26:30 (70#, hand shifts)
Matt bo 25:58 (box walk, 100#)
Micah 30:19 rx
Amm 27:25 (50#, hswa 25’)

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